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10 Ways To Get A Turkey Visa For Indian Citizens

1. Obtain a valid passport and relevant visa application forms from the nearest Indian embassy or consulate. 2. Complete all necessary documents to apply for your Turkey Visa, including a valid passport, passport-sized photographs, Proof of travel reservations (like flight tickets), Travel insurance policy copy, Bank statement showing sufficient funds to cover stay in Turkey, etc. 3. Submit the completed forms along with required documents and fees at the respective Turkish Embassy or Consulate office in India.

4. Once approved by Turkish authorities you will be issued a e-visa which can be downloaded via email or directly on their website within 3 days of submission of application form and required documents. 5. If traveling on business purpose then an invitation letter from Turkish company is mandatory while submitting visa application form at consular section of the Embassy/Consulate office in India . 6 .

Indians who are working as employees under United Nations organization need not require any visa for entry into Turkey for up to 6 months period . 7 . There are few categories like students , journalist , religious dignitaries etc where special category visas are given depending upon nature of visit into country .

8 . Depending upon nationality some countries might require travelers to obtain medical health certificate before entering turkey such as yellow fever vaccination etc if they have visited certain countries prior visiting turkey . 9 .

Getting a Turkey Visa for Indian citizens doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are 10 simple ways to get it done quickly and easily. From getting the necessary documents in order to applying online, this guide will show you all the steps so that you can take advantage of all that Turkey has to offer without any hassle!

How Can Indians Get Turkish Visa?

Indians wanting to visit Turkey have a few different options for obtaining a Turkish visa. The most common option is to apply online through the official e-Visa portal, which allows Indian citizens to obtain an e-visa within minutes. All you need to do is fill out an application form and pay the required fee, after which you will receive your digital visa via email.

Alternatively, Indians can also apply for their Turkish visas at one of the country’s diplomatic missions in India; this includes consulates in New Delhi and Mumbai as well as honorary consulates in Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad. Moreover, if you are travelling from India on business or tourism purposes with a Schengen area national passport holder who holds a valid residence permit, then they may be able to get their own separate single entry or multiple entry visa upon arrival at any port of entry into Turkey without prior application or approval requirements. Finally it’s worth noting that there are specific restrictions regarding travel insurance coverage when entering Turkey – so make sure you check this before submitting your applications!

Can Indian Citizens Get Turkish Visa With Us Visa?

Yes, Indian citizens with a valid US visa can apply for and receive a Turkish visa. This is possible as long as the passport that holds the US visa is still valid and up to date. When applying for a Turkish visa from India, it’s important to note that you must submit online application form along with your passport, two recent passport-size photographs, proof of travel (flight ticket), medical insurance covering Turkey, evidence of financial means during stay in Turkey such as credit card statement or bank account balance sheet, hotel reservation details and invitation letter if applicable.

Additionally an applicant may need to provide other documents depending on individual circumstances like employment certificate or marriage contract etc. Moreover some applicants might be subject to an interview at the nearest Turkish embassy before getting approved for their visas. It’s also worth noting that while having an active US Visa makes you eligible to get a Turkish one too but this doesn’t guarantee approval so each case will be reviewed based on its own merits by respective embassy/consulate officials prior giving out any final decision.

Is It Difficult to Get Visa for Turkey from India?

Getting a visa for Turkey from India can be a difficult process. Depending on the purpose of one’s travel, different types of visas apply and the requirements to get them can vary greatly. For instance, if you are planning to visit as a tourist or business visitor, then you will need to provide documents such as an invitation letter, hotel reservation vouchers, and proof of sufficient funds in order to obtain your visa.

You will also need to submit biometric data at your nearest Turkish embassy or consulate before getting approved. Furthermore, depending on your nationality, some countries may require additional paperwork or even an interview with consular officers in order to issue their visa. All these steps make it quite challenging for Indian citizens seeking entry into Turkey; however with proper preparation and research about the required documents beforehand one can easily navigate through the application process without facing too many obstacles.

How Much Does a Turkish Visa Cost for Indian Citizens?

For Turkey Visa for Indonesian Citizens will cost about $60 USD. The fee for the e-Visa application is nonrefundable and must be paid online at the time of submission. If an applicant has any prior criminal convictions or violations, they may have to pay additional fees.

Additionally, if applying for a multiple entry visa, it will cost more than a single entry visa price. It is important to note that the prices listed above are subject to change without notice so it’s always best to check with the Embassy of Turkey in India before traveling as well as before submitting your application. Moreover, there are many websites offering visas services which may charge extra service charges and processing fees on top of the official government fees making them even more costly so please read all conditions carefully when choosing one such website.

Turkey Visa Requirements for Indian

Indian citizens are required to obtain a valid visa in order to enter Turkey. The requirements for obtaining a Turkish visa from India include having a valid Indian passport with at least six months of validity remaining, proof of adequate travel insurance, and an onward or return flight ticket. Additionally, applicants must provide their biometric data at the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate prior to submitting their application.

Visa processing times may vary depending on the type of visa being applied for and can take anywhere between 3-5 business days.


Overall, obtaining a Turkey Visa for Indian Citizens is possible but it does require some time and effort. The process can be completed online or in person at the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate. It is important to read all of the instructions carefully and check with your local embassy to ensure that you meet all of the requirements prior to applying.

By following these 10 steps, Indian citizens should have no problem getting their Turkey visa approved quickly and without any problems.