2 Pocket Knife Brands (and 2 Offshoots) You Should Investigate If You Haven’t Yet

Legacy brands like Gerber, Buck Knives, Cold Steel, Kershaw Knives, Columbia River Knife and Tool, and Ontario Knife Company might dominate the industry, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t intrepid new players that make high-quality tools and which, in their respective corners of the market, have been lauded by users.

These two pocket knife brands (and the subsequent two subsidiaries mentioned here) are leading the pack. If you haven’t collected anything from WE Knife Company or Artisan Cutlery, it might be time to change that.

WE Knife Company
WE Knife Company is without a doubt new to the knife world compared to many legacy brands. They only got their start in 2000, but since that time have been making great strides towards quality and customer satisfaction.

WE Knife Company lives by the philosophy “Live Better” and produces high-quality fixed blades and pocket knives featuring super-steels, top-quality materials, and peerless fit and finish in a pretty wide variety of sizes, designs, and configurations.

Their product line is expansive and includes both fixed and folding knives. Popular models include the Banter, Miscreant, Malice, and Scamp which are tops for everyday carry.

WE Knife Company is more than just cool names, though. They have their own in-house R&D team and work with top knife designers in the industry, such as Ben Peterson, Justin Lundquist, and Brad Zinker.

CIVIVI by WE Knife Company
CIVIVI is a subsidiary of WE Knife Company and is also driven by the motto “Live Better.” Like WE Knife Company, their designs are championed by experienced knife makers and produced using top-quality materials and steels such as Damascus, N690, VG-10, and D2, among others.

CIVIVI has also produced some of the most popular designs in the modern market, including but not limited to the Elementum, Lumi, and Brigand.

Artisan Cutlery
Artisan Cutlery is even newer on the knife scene than WE Knife Company and didn’t get its start till 2018.

However, in the few years since Artisan Cutlery got its legs, it has produced a wide range of popular knives made using premium steels and materials.

Artisan Cutlery operates a facility equipped with CNC machines and produces high-quality knives and tools; among their most popular models are the Sea Snake, Andromeda, Arroyo, and Tomahawk, although there are many others.

CJRB by Artisan Cutlery
The popularity of Artisan Cutlery in its turn spawned CJRB, which produces knives that are, in many ways, even more impressive for their designs and materials.

CJRB produces a wide range of knife patterns inspired by influential knife designers such as Savannah Swaggerty and Joe Flowers, and uses quality steels and materials such as AR-RPM9, D2, G10, and Micarta.

Models such as the Feldspar, Ria, Maileah, Silax, and the newer Pyrite have been well-received for their quality of components, fit and finish, and overall uniqueness.

While it’s only been around since 2019, CJRB is definitely a brand you’ll want to learn more about if there’s a place in your pockets for quality tools.

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