7 Best Shopping Places to Visit While on a Jaipur Tour

7 Best Shopping Places to Visit While on a Jaipur Tour

Always try to include shopping places to your Jaipur Sightseeing Tour Package as Jaipur is now all about shopping and food now.

Best Shopping Areas in Jaipur

Without shopping, a holiday wouldn’t be complete! And why not make better use of it in a pink city? Here are the top 7 best shopping places to visit while on a Jaipur tour. Always try to include shopping places to your Jaipur Sightseeing Tour Package as Jaipur is now all about shopping and food now.

Shopping Destinations to Visit While on a Jaipur Tour

Here are some of the best locations to shop while on a car tour of Jaipur’s attractions. As parking is a constant problem, you should only travel to these locations by hired cab.

Jaipur is now all about shopping and food now. Actually, not only Jaipur, but all the 3 destination of Golden Triangle India Tour Package is about shopping and food. Nowadays, you definitely watch so many videos with famous shopping destinations in Golden triangle cities like Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra. Not only shopping but also food is very famous in these cities which makes you book your golden triangle tour.

Shopping Places in Jaipur

Johri Bazar (Market)

We are aware that you have heard about it. However, it would be rude to visit Jaipur and forgo shopping in Johri Market. You can discover everything here, from classic Kundan jewelry to jewelry made of gold and silver. You can also get traditional leggings and headbands from Rajasthan while you’re there. Make the most of it because it’s all in a market in Rajasthan.

  • Purchase Kundan jewelry, silver jewelry, and gold too.
  • Getting there: rickshaws, buses, car rickshaws, or private taxis.

Bapu Market

This is the fashion district in Jaipur. This is the site where you can find the most beautiful items at reasonable costs, with a lovely assortment of skirts, lace tables, wool, and unique scarves from Jaipur. Be sure to get Lac jewelry made in Rajasthan from one of the several stores that offer it in Bapu Bazaar.

  • Purchase Lacquer Bungles, Jumkas, Kurties, Mojris and Rajathani Bags
  • Getting there: MI Road is a short distance from Bapu Bazaar. A rickshaw can also be rented if you are not on a Jaipur sightseeing tour by car.

Badi Chaupar

Badi Chaupar should be visited for shopping when in Jaipur. This is the location to go if you need to buy something quickly and are in a rush. Everything is available here, from block-printed garments to conventional mementos and gifts.

  • Purchase Embroidered Bed, Rajasthani Lehenga, 100g Rui ki Rajai, Block Print cloths and material.
  • Getting there: Hawa Mahal is accessible on foot from Badi Chaupar.

Nehru Bazaar

The Nehru market is one of the top places to shop in Jaipur. This is the location to visit if you want to buy a lovely Rajasthani mojris. You will be fully immersed in the magazine of your choosing, which is available in a range of hues and designs. Affordable double-breasted gowns and hand-printed apparel may be found in Nehru Bazar.

  • Purchase Mojris and Rajasthani Bags
  • Getting there: One of the main thoroughfares in Jaipur is MI Road, where Nehru Market is situated.

Chaura Rasta

This selection of high-quality handmade paper is another item for which Jaipur is renowned. Office fans will adore Chaura Rasta. A variety of papers and books are available for reasonable pricing.

  • Purchase handmade things and crafts, please.
  • Getting there: Chaura Rasta is close to Jantar Mantar and is simple to reach via public transportation.

Gaurav Towers

Never assume that simply because it’s a mall, clothing, and accessories will be too pricey. The greatest of everything is housed in Towers Gaurav likes of Bata, Provogue, Levi’s, and Woodland. There are numerous additional stores that provide accessories, ethnic clothing, and designer items. It is also a fantastic location to keep cosmetics. There are numerous eateries where you can eat delectable rolls, conversation, and dossiers.

  • Purchase cosmetics and bags
  • Getting there: Towers Gaurav (GT) is in Malviya Nagar, and there are two ways to get there: taxi or vehicle rental.

Blue Pottery

The majority of Jaipur’s markets sell blue pottery, which is made up of pots, pans, and other items painted in the color. But if you’re looking for specific shops where you may get blue pottery sets, head to Neerja (Bhavan Singh Road, next to C-Scheme).

  • Purchase ashtrays, pots, vessels, and utensils.
  • Getting there: Public transportation makes it simple to go to all of the aforementioned stores.

Wrapping Up!

Enjoy your shopping while on your Jaipur tour, and for transportation, choose a sightseeing cab. Or if you are from out of Jaipur, do include these shopping sites in your trip plan.

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