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8 of the Best Places to Visit in Armenia

When arranging a trip to Armenia, keep in mind that the country is still developing and is not yet ready for tourists. The roads are rocky, and transportation is often difficult to traverse. And many places only speak Armenian or Russian, complicating communication. But, as with many other aspects of life, the most challenging tasks are the most gratifying. If you are okay with these, visiting Armenia is a must. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the ten top sites to visit in Armenia, as discovered during our trip there. 

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Best Places to Visit in Armenia:

1. Yerevan

Yerevan is different from the rest of the country. The city core, in particular, can appear to be in another nation. It is far more developed and wealthy as if all the country’s money has been invested in Yerevan. Walking around is the most convenient and effective method to immerse yourself in Yerevan’s culture, history, and food. Yerevan is a large city, although it is possible to stroll around its heart. Wandering about will allow you to see Yerevan’s history, from antiquity to the Soviet and post-Soviet centuries.

2. Climbing the Cascade

Climbing the Cascade to witness the city’s memorial to the Soviet triumph in WWII is essential. Furthermore, the views of the city as you climb the stairs are stunning! On clear days, you can see Mount Ararat. The Cascade is tough to characterize; it is more than a monument or a building. We would describe it as an urban ornament in the form of a staircase connecting the city core to a higher residential region. , it seems like a massive amazing modernist sculpture.

3. Republic Square

The Republic Square is a gorgeous square that took over 50 years to finish, with the majority of it created in the 1950s. Yerevan is commonly referred to in Armenia as the pink city, and square is easy to see why in the Republic. It is worth a visit both during the day and at night when everything is lit up. From early spring until late fall, a spectacular fountain and light show is superb music of many genres. You can have a great time here while people watch and listen to music.

4. Wings of Tatev

Tatev’s wings and monastery are the nicest places to visit in Armenia. Or at least it was our favorite. They are near Goris, 250 kilometers from Yerevan. While there are day excursions from Yerevan, it is a lengthy travel. The entire voyage over the Vorotan River ravine lasts around 12 minutes. It is the shortest, quickest, and most dramatic route to the Tatev Monastery. Riding the cableway allows you to fly above the Vorotan Gorge and enjoy breathtaking views from 320 meters above the earth. 

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5. Tatev Monastery

It was a significant cultural center, which included a library, and a scriptorium. As well as one of the nation’s most prominent medieval colleges. This historical landmark is one of Armenia’s earliest. And most recognized monastery structures, going back to the ninth century. Aside from its historical significance. Visiting the Tatev Monastery allows you to observe the spectacular Vorotan Gorge. And how positioned these medieval monasteries were. The huge fortress walls are built upon massive rocks, making it impregnable.

6. Zorats Karer

This is the least known and frequented of all the tourist attractions in Armenia that we have covered. But, this does not imply that you should skip it. The Karahunj observatory is the Armenian Stonehenge, yet it is far older and cruder. It is to have been created approximately 3500 BC. Making it 5500 years old and one of the world’s oldest megalithic structures! The site has stone settings, burial costs, and standing stones (Menhirs). We particularly enjoyed roaming around the place, admiring the scenery and the ancient stones. Don’t be tricked into thinking the site is only on the left.

7. Mount Ararat 

Mount Ararat is a national emblem and an important figure in Armenian history and culture! What’s the problem? Mount Ararat is in Turkey. Despite this, the Mount can be from Armenia, and Khor Virap is the greatest site to observe it. The monastery is only 30 kilometers from Yerevan and is accessible, with a highway passing nearby. Mount Ararat is a mythological destination for Christians, particularly the Armenian Orthodox Church. 

8. Vardenyats Pass

We recommend that you drive across Selim Pass and stop to view the 14th-century Silk Road Caravanserai. Established by an Orbelian family to shelter exhausted travelers. And their horses as they crossed from or into the mountainous Vayots Dzor region. This is the best-preserved caravanserai in Armenia. The Selim Pass in central Armenia was one of the most magnificent mountain passes along the Silk Route. The road climbs to an elevation of 2410 meters above sea level. Usually, Armenian roads are terrible, but this section was smooth. 

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