A Brief Guide to Proper Fur Storage For Your Coats During the Off-Season

As beautiful and timeless as fur coats can be, when spring and summer roll around, they’re not exactly the ideal type of clothing to wear out in the heat of the sun. At some point, you’ll have to put and store them away to make room in your closet for more appropriate seasonal wear.

That said, fur coats and other fur accessories are costly, and storing them improperly might damage their delicate make. Also, replacing them can be even more costly. That’s why special care should be given to have them stored properly. After all, storing fur coats isn’t as simple as storing your other winter clothing and accessories.

Two Ways To Store Your Furs
There are two primary ways you can go about storing your furs. You can store them in an ideal location in your home, or you can store them professionally at a fur storage facility.

Whichever option you choose ultimately depends on your available space, location, and budget. What is most important is that you’re able to keep your furs in their ideal environment to protect them from any sort of damage.

Storing Your Furs At Home
If you’re choosing to store your furs at home, you want to replicate the best conditions for your furs to make sure that they don’t incur any damages.

1. The Darker, the Better
Furs don’t do very well when exposed to direct sunlight. In fact, direct sunlight makes furs dry out and also causes fading and discoloration.

However, just stuffing your furs in your closet may not be ideal for them either, especially if that closet is next to a window. If you have a closet, then that’s along a hallway, or anywhere further away from the windows, then that would be better.

2. The Cooler, the Better
Furs also don’t do very well in warm and humid spaces. This rules out the attic or the garage. Try to keep them in cooler areas in your home. If you have a closet, for example, that’s in a space that’s close to the air conditioning, that would be better.

3. The More Spacious, the Better
Another thing you want to avoid when storing your furs at home is putting them in a place that’s cramped. Give them room to breathe. A closet with proper air flow can help eliminate potential problems, like mold, from happening.

If you’re going to put your furs in a garment bag, make sure that the bag itself has good air flow and is breathable.

4. No Moth Balls and Cedar Closets
Remember when we said that you don’t want to expose your fur coats to humid spaces? Well, believe it or not, cedar and moth balls absorb moisture, which can then increase the humidity in your closet. So as much as possible, keep those moth balls out of your fur storage.

Going For A Professional Fur Storage Facility
Given all the requirements for proper fur storage, if you feel as though you don’t have a place in your home that ticks all the boxes above, then you can always opt to have your furs stored at a facility that specializes in fur storage.

Most good retail furriers like Maximillian, for example, have such a service available that you can avail of. Just talk to your local furrier, or the store that you purchased your fur coat from and inquire. After all, the great thing about relying on professionals is that they can get the job done much better, relieving you of all the stress and hassle of trying to find a place to store your precious furs.

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