A Local’s Guide to New York’s State Capital

If you are planning a move to Albany, New York, there is plenty to learn about the state’s capital city. Whether you are moving from a nearby town or from out of state, you can take some time to brush up on some facts and exciting things about your new city.

Albany is a great city to move to and live in, as locals would attest. As you begin to plan your move to New York’s capital city, consider this things that locals are in the know about:

The Basics

Albany is located on the eastern side of the state on the bank of the Hudson River and about 135 miles north of the New York City metro area. Albany is considered to be a part of upstate New York, and is widely regarded as a great city to live in.

Albany is also considered one of the oldest cities in the country, and has a rich history dating back to before the original thirteen colonies. If you are a history buff, there is plenty of history to enjoy in Albany. Since it is located in New York, Albany experiences the four seasons with hot summers and cold, snowy winters. If you enjoy the transitions of the seasons, Albany is a wonderful city to move to.

The Economy

Albany used to be a major transportation and trade hub due to its location on the Hudson River. The current economy is based mainly on education, healthcare, and government. Due to the steadiness of these industries, the economy of Albany has been consistent. 

More recently, the economy of Albany has been shifting to a technology focus, and the eastern part of New York, including Albany and the Hudson Valley, has adopted the name “Tech Valley.” The area of “Tech Valley” has expanded over time, and some of the technologies that the region specializes in include computer hardware, nanotechnology, and specialized microchip circuit manufacturing. So if you are in a high tech field, there are plenty of jobs available in Albany.  

Fun Things to Do

Albany is a popular location for touring artists to stop, so there are a variety of concerts in Albany throughout the year. The city also has a vibrant nightlife scene, including locations like Pearl Street, Madison Avenue, and Delaware Avenue.

Albany hosts many festivals, and is home to many educational and cultural institutions, including the New York State Museum, the New York State Archives, and the New York State Library. You can also visit the Albany Institute of History and Art and many historic homes and landmarks.

If all of these things, including a rich history, solid economy, and many things to see and do attract you to the Albany area, you are in luck because there are plenty of Albany houses for sale. You can enjoy the four seasons, get a job in a steady economy, and head out to some exciting sites and live nicely in New York’s capital city.

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