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Best Cricket Batting Technique

Are you planning to buy a cricket bat? If yes, then it is essential to understand your requirements first, prior to selecting the cricket bat. There are various types of cricket bats available in market, which are suitable for various conditions. Therefore, you must be very careful in choosing the cricket bat, as your choice will dictate how much you can improve your game. Here is a quick review on different types of cricket bats available in market:

MRF – This is one of the most popular cricket bat brands in the world. This particular brand is made up of premium quality materials, which ensure high level of sturdiness. Apart from this, they also offer various types of blade styles. The premium quality bamboo cantle handle ensures additional comfort to the user. The MRF cricket bat is available in various models, with various premium quality bats.

Prefer Lighter Cricket Bat

For all those, who do not have any problem with the handle, but prefer lighter cricket bat, there is an extra long English willow bats. This type of bat is usually preferred by experienced cricketers, as it adds extra power to the swing. The premium quality cork frame and the premium quality handle add to the convenience of this product. However, if the strength is required, then you may consider using the premium quality wicket keeping handle. The additional thumb support helps in getting more power to the shot.

Alba Varifoto bats are considered as the best cricket bats in India. They are manufactured in one piece, and this feature makes them highly convenient and lightweight. The main features of these cricket bats are the premium quality construction material. These cricket bats are easily available at all leading online stores, and they are absolutely reasonable priced. There are some high end models that are available at a price, which most of the fans cannot afford.

Batting Technique

Sachin Tendulkar bats are made of wood, and are extremely comfortable to use. These are designed for perfect cricket batting technique. The main key features of this cricket bat are the premium quality core and the heavy rivet head, which are designed in such a way that they can withstand the pressure of heavy game. These sachin tendulkar bats are available at a price, which is not within the reach of many.

Dushmantha Tallow

This is a wonderful MRF cricket bat. It is made of solid wood, and comes with a steel reinforced core. It has a unique hook, and the weight is just 6.5kg. This bat helps in providing complete control over the ball, which is very important in order to score runs during the cricket world cup. It is the only bat that can be used for both back and forward weight strokes. This is the best option for the fans who want to score quick runs during the cricket world cup.

Old Cricket Ball

Fans can buy this bat for many reasons. The first reason is to replace the old cricket bat, which is damaged or broken. Secondly, these bats help in creating excitement among the fans and increase their enthusiasm levels for cricket.

Wood Capped Wooden Cricket Bat: The wooden caged bat is the best option for fans who are unable to buy expensive cricket bats. Made of hardwood, these bats help in creating a strong and heavy ball. However, it is important to note that these bats do not allow the batsman to manipulate the ball very easily.

Expensive Cricket Bat

Soft Plastic Blade Cricket Bat: This is the most expensive cricket bat. The manufacturers use good quality plastic in making these cricket bats. This is one of the best options for cricket fans who are interested in purchasing a bat for serious playing. Although, the price of this bat is slightly higher than the other cricket bats, but it helps in generating maximum performance out of every shot.

English Willow

Old Grade 1 English Willow: These are light and sturdy cricket bats that can create excellent speed and power. It is the best option for the cricket players who are interested in playing slow ball games. However, this bat does not contain a lot of pace and control. Thus, it is advisable for players to purchase this bat along with a bat that contains good grip.

Apart from these three cricket bats, there are numerous other cricket bats available in the market. Therefore, it is important to research well about all these cricket bats and choose the best one according to the requirement. Once you purchase the cricket bat, make sure to read the instructions and usage guidelines carefully.

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