CSGO: A Guide on Crosshair Techniques

Winning a game in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, most commonly known as CSGO, requires you to either complete the objective or eliminate all the opponent team members. However, there might be some instances that you get killed easily despite having a better gun. In that case, one thing that you have to improve is your crosshair.Besides, Buy now and discover more boosted accounts of various games.

What is Crosshair

If you have been playing FPS games ever since you might be familiar with the concept of the crosshair. But for the newbie players, crosshairs are the markers that you can see at the center of the screen which shows the aim of your weapon.

In the context of CSGO, crosshairs show you where your bullet will go once you shoot at an enemy or an object. You can easily move your crosshair around by moving your mouse or joysticks if you are playing on a controller.

However, playing an FPS decently does not only require you to know about crosshair. To greatly increase your kills and get a positive K/D rate, there are still more things you need to understand about crosshair.

Crosshair Sensitivity

Given that CSGO is an FPS game, you have full control over the movements of your character. That being said, the sensitivity of your crosshair will matter the most. By finding your perfect sensitivity, you can easily pan from left to right, or even do a 360° turn to surprise your enemy.

To do this, simply go to the settings and look for the Mouse Sensitivity bar. You can adjust the bar or the numerical value to increase or decrease the sensitivity. After changing a single digit, make sure to try the movement to check whether it suits you or not. Repeat this until you find where you are most comfortable with.

Crosshair Style

Upon starting the game, there will be a default crosshair that you can use. But if you think that the appearance of your crosshair is not quite noticeable for your eyes, you can once again go to settings and customize your crosshair.

Here, you can change the size, thickness, gap, outline, T-shape, dot, alpha, and dynamic gap of your crosshair. But if this is too much work for you, there are five different styles that you can try at the top of the interface.

By having the perfect crosshair, you can easily see where your bullets are flying through despite all the color of the map elements. Once you get used to and comfortable with your crosshair appearance, you can become familiar with the correct crosshair placements.

Crosshair Placement

Always aim for the head, they say. This is especially true when it comes to CSGO. Inflicting damage to the enemy’s head will have the highest possibility of instantly killing an enemy. That is why you have to be familiar with the crosshair placements on every map.

In every FPS game, there are always clues from the surroundings on where you would want to align your crosshair.

In every map, you most probably have seen these boxes piled up in one corner. The side where two boxes meet shows exactly the height of all the player characters. This means that practicing yourself on putting your crosshair on this alignment increases the chance of you inflicting a headshot.

But it is important to consider other map areas with stairs and other inclines. This is why map awareness is also crucial to master your crosshair placement.

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