Cultivating a Fall Aesthetic in Your Living Spaces

Fall is here, and what a wonderful season it is. The days are getting shorter and the temperatures colder, but the colors are beautiful and the slant of light is positively golden. Plus, the holidays are coming!

So how can you get your home in the right mood? Let’s take a look at some basic, simple ways you can reflect the fall atmosphere inside your home.

Swap Out the Decorative Accents, Utilize Fall Colors
Outside (depending on where you live), all is gold, red, or orange. Everything takes on a warm-hued earth tone during the autumn season. Your home should reflect the same.

Now, you don’t need to overhaul your interior design. You just need to alter the decorative accents. If you have seasonal throw pillows, blankets, or curtains, swap them out for burgundy or ochre-colored accents that will immediately give your home a more fall-friendly slant.

Use What Nature Gives You
Fall decorating can also be done on a budget, especially if you live in a rural area or on the edge of the suburbs. Visit a local farm and pick up some gourds, cornstalks, or mums and set them around your home’s entryways, or even inside.

For the most crafty out there, you can consider weaving wreaths of willow or other twigs, and decorating them with fall foliage. Small wreaths can also be woven and used as votive holders.

Decorate Bare Areas
Anywhere you have open space that looks bare (unless it is intentionally a part of your minimal aesthetic) is a blank canvas for fall decoration.

Coffee tables and windowsills are a great place to start. Decorate these with fall-inspired curios like fabricated pumpkins, gourds, or wreaths. Candles make nice accent pieces too.

If you have an LED corner floor lamp with shelves, that’s also a great place to accessorize with fall decorations. If you’re the creative type, you can create your own decorations with wood, pine cones, greenery, corn stalks, leaves, and other bounties of the harvest; if not just visit a local outlet or shop and see what sorts of decorations can be had there.

Adjust the Lighting
Lighting has a profound effect on the spirit of a location, too, and affects the entire mood. In the fall, right before the winter, the light wanes. Therefore, gentle, softer, warmer light and mood lighting are more appropriate in a fall setting.

This is great for those of you that have LED corner floor lamps that are dimmable. Simply tone down the ambient brightness to make the space feel warmer and cozier.

If you don’t have a dimmable LED floor lamp yet, ATAMIN ( is a great place to start. Models like their Fancy Edge corner floor lamp are dimmable, easy to assemble, and feature several shelves – which are not only space-saving but give you extra area to take advantage of for your home decor. Perfect for sitting rooms, living rooms, and even bedrooms.

Capture the Other Senses
Finally, remember that the spirit of a location is not only impacted by the visual sense. It is also captured by feeling, sound, and smell, and the latter is one of the most powerful of them all.

Specifically, introducing a new seasonal scent can go a long way toward creating a more fall-friendly vibe. Fall is a time people traditionally associate with harvest and preservation, so most people associate baking and canning (and the scents associated with them) with fall.

If you’re not a baker, there are workarounds. Set out some wax warmers or even candles, or even a bowl of scented potpourri. In the case of potpourri, you’ll have a visual element, too, and candles offer warm, lambent light that makes a space feel more intimate, which is ideal for the later months of the year, too.

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