Dengue has the highest death toll in October

Dengue cases more than doubled in October compared to September. Three times as many died at the same time. In October, 21 thousand 932 people were infected and 86 people died. In September, the number of infected patients was 9,911 and 34 died. 5 people died due to dengue fever in last 24 hours. So far this year, 141 people have died of dengue fever.

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On this day, 873 dengue patients were admitted to the hospital. With this, the number of patients admitted to various hospitals across the country stands at 3,584. This year 38 thousand 24 dengue patients have received treatment across the country. Among them 26 thousand 16 patients are in Dhaka and 12 thousand 8 patients are outside Dhaka.

On Monday (October 31), the regular dengue report of the Health Emergency Operation Center and Control Room of the Department of Health has informed about the situation across the country.

According to the report, out of 873 people admitted to the hospital due to dengue in the last 24 hours, 545 are residents of Dhaka and 328 are outside Dhaka.

According to the notification, the total number of dengue patients admitted in various public and private hospitals of the country has reached 3 thousand 584 including 873 new patients. 2 thousand 309 people are admitted in different government and private hospitals in Dhaka and 1 thousand 275 people outside Dhaka. It also said that from January 1 to October 31 of this year, a total of 38 thousand 24 patients were admitted to the hospital. Among them, 34 thousand 299 people were cured and left the hospital. 141 people have died of dengue this year so far.

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Experts warned the city corporation of a major outbreak of dengue virus this year compared to the last few years. They suggested that the corporation should immediately take comprehensive measures to control the Aedes mosquito.

Meanwhile, with the outbreak of dengue across the country, the tendency of patients to go to Dhaka for treatment is also increasing.

In this case, they complain of not getting proper treatment in district or upazila level hospitals. Doctors say that this is having a negative impact on the capital’s hospitals along with increasing patient pressure. They advise not to panic unnecessarily, noting that the guidelines for the treatment of dengue patients are the same in all health centers or hospitals.

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