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Free Guest Blogging: An SEO Marketer’s Friend or Foe?

Guest blogging is among the oldest SEO techniques that have been in use for over 10 years, which is old to Internet terms. Even with SEO going through significant changes throughout the years guest blogging is still the same as the procedure. You create a post in conjunction with a blogger owner, create the content, or participate in its creation, and then the blogger posts the post with a hyperlink to you on their site. It is possible to do this at no cost or have to pay for the position.

The idea is to provide additional coverage and draw new prospects and followers from the bloggers’ audience. It also provides a valuable backlink. However, If SEO is evolving, will the impact guest blogging have on your marketing campaign stay the same? Many experts believe that guest blogging for free can be more detrimental to your SEO efforts than beneficial. Let’s look more closely at this topic with this piece.

First of all, guest blogging is an effective marketing strategy. However, as you’ve heard guest blogging is a thing and guest blogging. Here are some interesting statistics on blogs about marketing:

As you can see, blogs and blog posts are a delicious treat that is perfect for SEO marketers. In addition, all these benefits of Guest Blogging are available cost when you sign up on the free guest blogging sites. Of course, there’s a caveat. Before we go over the reasons that free guest blogging isn’t necessarily a good thing Let’s take a look at the reasons people prefer free guest blogging initially.

Why SEO Marketers Find Free Guest Blogging Attractive

Apart from the numerous promising stats we’ve listed in this article, free guest Blogging comes with a couple of clear advantages.

It’s cost-free

The first thing to note is that it’s very economical. You pay absolutely nothing to have your blog content published, your backlink crafted, and the readers of another blog monetized.

It’s available

Blogs that don’t cost for their placements tend to be less selective regarding content. Rules for submissions are less stringent and guidelines aren’t as strict, which makes it simpler to connect your blog’s content with that of your blog.

Accelerated time to publish

There will be fewer issues to discuss and also fewer editing and corrections, the it is likely that your blog will go live earlier rather than later.

Backlinks in quantity

Guest Blogging websites for free are numerous, which means that engaging with multiple sites at the same time can result in a huge number of backlinks quickly and at the cost of your effort.

But, all of these benefits come with a few caveats, which we’ll discuss in greater detail later.

How to Find Free Guest Blogging Sites?

The Internet has a wide array of free resources that are aggregated. guest blogging sites. For example, the image below illustrates a typical categorical directory of guest blogging sites that are organized by subject:

Other methods to locate free guest blogging opportunities include:

  • Influencer Outreach

Some bloggers will publish your content without cost, provided it’s specifically pertinent to their blog or if they receive benefits from publishing it other than financial benefits.

  • Search Engine Queries

The following keywords yield the most results when searching for guest Blogging sites that are free including guest blog submissions for free Submit your content for free of charge, write for us about your topic, and so on.

  • Social Media

The large social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have plenty of guest Blogging opportunities. The majority of blogs have accounts at least on one of them. In most cases, they’ve several social media. The more niche social media platforms such as LinkedIn, and Etsy offer more relevant guest posting opportunities that are free and targeted.

  • Blogging Communities

Being a part of blog communities will provide many opportunities to exchange backlinks, content, and guest blog posts for no cost.

Free Guest Blogging: What’s the Catch?

Free Guest Blogging

We’re now at the most crucial question. What is the reason that free guest blogging can cause more harm than benefit in particular if you do not make sure you do it right? Here are a few of the reasons:

Link Quality is low

If a site allows guest post submissions for free in large quantities, they do it randomly and the significance of the placement leaves a lot to be desired. This significantly reduces the quality of backlinks that guest posters receive.

Search Engine Wrath

If you make use of guest posts for free and end up with an excessive amount of poor-quality backlinks Google will be able to detect this manipulating your rank and impose penalties. The severity of penalties can differ however any penalty can end any SEO efforts.

Low-Quality Content

Guest Blogging for free is often a sign that the owner of the blog or platform gets absolutely nothing and therefore isn’t driven to create interesting content that incorporates your hyperlink. Even if you create the work yourself, it doesn’t mean that other guest posts published on your blog are going to be identical in quality. It’s possible to put your website’s link in the spam category.

There is no targeted traffic

While content posted on guest blogging platforms can be and is, advanced benefits such as targeted traffic, are not available for guest posts. Additionally, these sites are frequently ignored by the general public so don’t expect these sites to generate any visitors to your website.

No control over your backlink removal

Even if you do manage to pick your anchor text on your own this is not always the case for guest blog posts, whether or not you have the option to take the link down if it is found to be harmful, it is out of your control since there is no contract or terms in place with this platform.

A negative impact on your profile of a backlink

A certain number of backlinks from guest posts that are free can significantly diminish the importance of your profile’s backlinks, which will be seen by Google.

A high chance of obtaining harmful backlinks

Certain guest Blogging sites that are free are filled with irrelevant guest posts and poorly placed backlinks that backlinks are deemed harmful to Google. They are to be avoided.

Best Practices for Free Guest Blogging

Best Practices for Free Guest Blogging

If you are still interested in trying your hand at guest blogging here are a few guidelines. In the end, there are a few blogs that are willing to charge for guest posts. you need to locate the ones that offer it free of charge.

  • Find high-quality content

Search for blogs that have top-quality content and interact with their readers on a regular regularly. You’ll need to craft an impressive argument for the guest blog post and likely, you will face competitors however in this instance, it’s worth a shot because you’ll receive high-quality links and visitors.

  • Expertise in the field

If you’re an expert in your subject matter that the blogger you would like to guest post or write about, odds are that they’ll be happy to take your guest post at no cost and even negotiate conditions with you. This is a situation in which the blogger is receiving something of value from this collaboration: the opportunity to share an opinionated perspective on something their readers are interested in.

  • The creation of an online network of contacts

If you are looking to write good quality guest posts that are free and frequently establish good communication and relationships with bloggers in your field, make sure to promote each other. In this way, obtaining an article for guest Blogging at no cost will become easier.

  • Leveraging Social Media Support

You must have a substantial social media presence. Develop your social media profiles to get a large following. that way, it will be a lot easier to gain the attention of blogs that have the Greatest Guest Posting authority in their domains. You can also offer a guest post for free.


You can see that if executed correctly the free guest post takes time and effort, and sure, it’ll require investment: to be an expert, to assist your social media platforms, to create amazing regular content. If you’re looking for high-quality results, however, the effort can be daunting, and that’s our experience – could be an ideal alternative.

We provide an almost endless selection of guest-blogging platforms that cover many different categories, both mainstream and obscure. You can choose blogs with your desired domain authority and that will fit your budget. The selection and negotiation process is automated, meaning you can dedicate your time and efforts to producing content.

Our main benefits are:

Only quality websites that have been tested within our database

We continuously monitor our pool and can assure you that none of the sites within it will generate harmful backlinks

Significantly cuts down on your time and energy

Since the vast majority of processes for placement are automated, it’s possible to make and manage guest posts with ease in bulk.

Control of your guest-blogging campaigns

You are the sole authority for your guest blog post, from the content to anchor text, positioning, and selection of the site.

Monitors for users with ease

The transparent metrics and the intuitive dashboards always provide you with an accurate overview of what’s happening when you post guest posts. Every decision you make will be well-informed.

Streamlined Blog Communication

Yes, we also automate this! allows you to keep on top of your communications with content creators, making sure that no question is left unanswered or is left unanswered.

Focus on Quality

Our goal is to provide top-quality services. goal. This is why we keep increasing and expanding the guest blogging website database, ensuring it’s current, and making sure that all guest blogging procedures are in line with Google Search Essentials and providing only the highest quality backlinks.

Expert assistance

The team we have assembled of skilled SEO experts with years of expertise in SEO and online marketing them are always available in case you require professional assistance and advice.

Top Websites and Blogs That Accept Guest Blog

Explore our collection of quality websites and blogs that allow guest blog posts. Pick a subject that matches your preferences and objectives.

Key Takeaways

Guest posting sites with high DA on the internet are easy and simple at first sight. Although it appears it is not without its drawbacks. When it is done properly it isn’t free at all because you’ll need to build strong connections with top bloggers as well as social media marketing and creating content. If you do it wrong The cost of guest blogging for free can be high, since you’ll be required to deal with the effects of a shady backlink profile, or Google penalty.

Paid guest posts, particularly when you use a reliable, stable partner platform are an excellent, secure, and surprisingly affordable alternative. It will give you predictable and expected results, which helps you track your SEO campaign and can be tweaked to meet certain objectives.

Does guest posting work?

Guest blogging can be a successful method for branding since it generates referral traffic, assists in networking with other people who are relevant to your field, and helps in your link-building efforts.

Where can I find guest posting websites?

Utilizing the Google search engine to narrow your search results to websites that allow guest posts. For instance, you could look up “write for us” or “guest post” along with your keyword of choice. This will provide you with an overview of sites that are currently seeking guest posts.

What is a free guest post?

The term guest posting also referred to as guest blog, refers to the process of creating and posting an article on a different website. It is usually performed by someone with expertise in a specific area who would like to share their expertise with a larger public.

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