Hamraaz Web Login (2022) Hamraaz Mobile APP Download

Hamraaz Web Login (2022) Hamraaz Mobile APP Download

Indian Army jawans, with the help of which the brave soldiers of our country can see their appointment, promotion and their salary slip information as well as many other information online. .

The platform which was specially developed for the service of Indian Army soldiers by the technical team of boot camp for troubled teens in Kuna for their service and communication and information related to their service payment on their mobile phones, Hamraaz Web and Humraaz App.

Let me tell you, this web portal has been made only for the Indian Army, where various types of services related to them are provided online, but if a common citizen wants to use this web, then he cannot do so. can.

If you are also working in the brave Indian army of our country and want to see your payment slip etc. things online and you do not have information about this portal,

Then in this blog article you are going to get information about what is Hamraaz Web and how to download

Also, you can read about Military Pay Slip Ko Download Kaise Kare and all the information related to it in this blog article.

What is Hamraaz Web – What is Hamraaz Web in Hindi

Hamraaz Army App has been launched to do this With the help of Hamraj Web, Indian Army personnel can avail facilities through online means.

Thus it can be said that Hamraaz Web is a web portal and mobile application developed by the Indian Army.

Through which Indian Army personnel can get the benefits of the facilities provided by the army online. For this, army soldiers just have to download the Hamraj app in their mobile phones.

As we told you that Hamraaz app and https://hamraazmp8.gov.in/Default.aspx is specially designed for our Indian Army so that they can download their income like payslip etc anytime and anywhere .

Plus, you can view, manage and calculate your monthly salary reports. Which is a free portal and Android app for the military that can be downloaded from the Indian Army Official Website .

The main purpose of creating this application is to provide online access to services related to salary and payment to the army personnel, but even if a common citizen wants to use Hamraaz web, he cannot,

Because for this they have to give information about army command and grade, which is not available to the common citizen. Even if you try it, you may still not be able to login, but you can read this blog till the last as information.

How to Download Hamraaz Web App

Humraj App is not published on Google Play Store or all kind of App Store related to it to protect the army and keep distance from common citizen, but if you are Indian Soldier and your salary etc. status online only. want to seeThen you can use Hamraaz Web and Hamraaz Army App Download to use this service online.

Here we are going to get information about both, if you do not have Hamraaz App in your mobile then it can be downloaded by following the steps given below:-

  1. For this, first you have to go to any browser of your mobile and search there by typing 
  2. After which the first link of the Government of India App Store will show in front of you, by clicking on which you have to come to this App Store.
  3. Then search by typing Hamraaz in the search bar given there, apart from this, after scrolling the page, the Indian Army’s Hamraaz app’s icon will start showing in the list of Most Popular Apps.
  4. After clicking on which its download page will open in front of you, just to save it in mobile, enter the given captcha code and click on download button.
  5. When you follow all these steps then Hamraaz Apk download in your mobile. Apart from this, you can also get it from Hamraaz Web.

How to Install Hamraaz Army App

When you download Hamraaz App in your mobile by following all the above mentioned methods, then it can also be installed very easily.

For this follow the steps given below:-

  1. First of all, you have to go to the download file of your browser, with the help of which this app has been downloaded, apart from this Hamraaz app can also be seen in the app list of the file manager present in the mobile.
  2. Then click on Hamraaz Apk (app-staging-release.apk) file to open it.
  3. After that the install button will appear in front of you, if the permission to install apk app is not on in the mobile then turn it on from its installation page.
  4. After which once again by clicking on Install Hamraaz Army App will be installed in your mobile.

Hamraaz Web Features – Hamraaz Web Features in Hindi

Although this platform and mobile application has a lot of specialties, but only Indian soldiers can take its service. Below are some of the features of Hamraj Web:-

  • Through this, Indian Army personnel can see the digital slip of their salary as well as all the statements so far.
  • To take advantage of this service, as an Indian soldier, you must have your PAN card which should be linked to your salary account.
  • With the help of this app, your family details can be seen and added.
  • Apart from this, you can also see your PPO (Pension Payment Order).
  • Along with this, your payment details can also be seen.
  • Your Soldier profile can also be viewed with the help of Hamraaz app.
  • If you have any kind of army related complaint then it can be done with the help of this app and if needed you can also call on helpline number.

How to do Hamraaz Web Registration – Hamraaz Web Registration Process

To use all the above mentioned online services, Indian Army jawans first have to register themselves on Hamraaz web web, so that it can be found that you too are serving your service in an army professional Is.

Till now if you have not done Hamraaz app Sign Up Process in Hindi and register yourself as a new user and want to avail all the services related to Army online then follow all the steps given below.

  1. For this, first you have to open the Hamraaz Web Portal Official Website in your mobile or laptop.
  2. Where after clicking on the Sign Up button given there, type your PAN Card Number in capital letter (capital letter) and after filling the visible captcha code, click on the submit button
  3. Then a new page will open in front of you, in which two options Try Another Way and E-mail ID (OTP) from which you can proceed by clicking on either of the two options,
  4. But let us tell you that there is a problem of not getting OTP on the email of many new users. If something like this is happening with you, then proceed by selecting the first option Try Another Way.
  5. After that a new page will open in front of you, in which first you have to type your joining date, on which date you joined the Indian Army, then in the second option you have to enter your Employment ID.
  6. When both the information is filled correctly, then by clicking on the given Verify button, as soon as you proceed, a Confirmation page opens in front of you. In which your name is written.
  7. If you have filled your Joining Date and Employment ID correctly and your name is showing there which is correct. Then click on Yes button to proceed.
  8. As soon as you do yes in it, a popup message appears in front of you as Are you sure to accepted. Click OK to confirm yourself.
  9. After this, the page of terms will open in front of you, in which you have to proceed by agreeing and in the next step enter the 8+ digit high security password of your choice after 2,tamilmv new link which includes capital, small letter, numbers and symbols.
  10.  Then select one of the security questions given there and answer it in one word and after doing all this click on the submit button.
  11. After following all these steps, you successfully register in Hamraaz Web. Let us tell you, this process of registration can also be done through its mobile application.

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