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How do I check the Spirit flight seating Chart

It’s important to understand Spirit airline seat selection policy, if you are upset about ending up with a seat you do not like on Spirit Airlines. Luckily, Spirit Airlines gives passengers the option to choose their favored seat for a small extra fee. Still, if you do not choose a seat yourself, Spirit will assign you one randomly at no extra charge.

To ensure you get the seat you want, it’s worth knowing the process for selecting a seat on Spirit Airlines. Below, we’ll provide more detailed information on how to pick your seat and the steps to follow to do so.

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Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Spirit Airlines has its way of assigning seats to passengers, known as Spirit seat assignment. Here’s what you need to know about this policy

Terms and Conditions: The policy outlines certain terms and conditions that passengers need to adhere to secure their asked seat.

Free Seat Allocation During Check- In: According to the Spirit seat selection policy, travelers have the option of being randomly assigned a seat for free during the check- in process.

Preferred Seats for a fee: If you want to ensure that you get a favored seat, Spirit Airlines offers the option to pay a fee of 5 US dollars for favored seat selection.

Advanced Seat Selection: To select your seat in advance, you must visit Spirit’s sanctioned website. This allows you to choose your seat before the check- in process begins.

Online Seat Selection: Passengers have the convenience of picking their seats online over 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of their flight. This gives travelers further time to select their preferred seating arrangements.

Seat Selection Options on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines offers passengers the convenience of opting for their seats before their flight departs. Here are the different seat options available

Standard Seat Selection: Passengers have the choice of selecting seats from all available options in this class. These seats include those with extra legroom as well as seats with reduced legroom.

Preferred Seat Selection: This option allows passengers to choose from all available seats for booking, including those with extra and reduced legroom.

Preferred Plus Seat Selection: Passengers can select seats that are still available for booking, provided they offer extra or reduced legroom. These seats are often located near an exit row for added convenience and comfort.

How to Select Seats on Spirit Airlines?

After understanding the Spirit Airlines seat selection policy, it’s important to know how to pick your favorite seat on the aircraft. You can do this through colorful online and offline methods. Let’s go through the steps for both

Online Method: Visit the Official Website

  • Go to the sanctioned website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Select the” My Trip” option.
  • Confirm your details and choose the” Pick my seat” option.
  • Select your favored seat from the available options.
  • You will see the Spirit Airlines seat prices displayed on the screen.
  • Pay the Spirit Airlines seat selection fee using miles, credit, or debit cards. However, you can also choose the seat during online check-in, If you have 24 hours before departure.
  • Enter your booking information, similar to the reference ID and the last name of the passengers.
  • While processing, you will have the option to buy or choose the seat.
  • Select your asked seat by paying the charges shown on your screen.
  • Complete the payment process to reserve your favored seat on Spirit Airlines.

Offline Method: Contact Customer Service

Passengers can also dial Spirit Airlines customer service at 855-728-3555 to select their seats over the phone.

How to Choose Seats on Spirit Airlines

Picking seats on Spirit Airlines is easy. Here are some ways:

You can choose your seat while you book your ticket or any time before you check in. You have to pay extra for this.

Pay for a bundle that includes seat selection along with other things like baggage and priority boarding.

If you don’t want to pay extra, you can skip selecting a seat. Spirit Airlines will pick a seat for you randomly when you check in.

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