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How employment support program from NDIS assists in seeking employment?

The NDIS(National Disability Insurance Scheme) is assisting out individuals with disabilities in achieving their goals and well as aspirations. This also includes support for their employment. Research studies by the Australian Statistics Bureau in the year 2020 found that the participation of people with special needs reduced to 53 % in comparison to 83% in the previous years. This report itself signifies that there is a big block that individuals with disabilities are facing whenever it comes to getting employment. But now under the NDIS employment supports, participants gain full assistance to realize their employment goals & move ahead in life.

Australian Disability Employment Report

Criteria to get NDIS employment supports! What is the eligibility?

In order to get the NDIS employment support, you need to be 15-65 years of age. This means that even the high school student can get the right support which is needed for transitioning from their school to the employment when they will be out.

 So, the organization is providing NDIS funding to help the participants in getting employment-related support. This includes education, training, and also coming up with a tailored plan to get the maximum out of the NDIS funding for realizing employment goals.

The NDIS provider Melbourne helps you in getting the rights support for employment in the same manner you get for meeting your other needs. First of all, you are required to come up with specific plan, mentioning all your goals. For instance, what all your short-term goals are for seeking employment? As well as long term measures you could take to achieve your employment goals.

The disability support services can help you in several distinctive ways like:

  • Finding the right employment that matches your skills and aspirations
  • The tailored employment support from the worker can access you in getting the job that is right fit for you
  • Assistance in setting up your own business( small scale). Which falls in the category of micro-enterprise
  • If your goal is to join your family business, then you will be getting the much-needed support for inculcating the right skills and getting everyday hands-on assistance to perform job
  • Getting assistance while working within ADE(Australian Disability Enterprise). Since, NDIS is funding your support while you are working with ADE, and this opens your doors for a greater level of choices and transition
  • Getting right help in finding and shifting to different job when you are already working

Equal employment opportunities & inclusivity

Apart from providing support in realizing employment goals, NDIS provider Melbourne is also working with employers for promoting inclusivity within the workplace. In fact, research evidence has already proved that organizations with diversity and inclusivity are highly innovative with high productivity and profitability. So the goal of the NDIS disability support Melbourne is to provide the equal employment opportunities to individuals with special needs and help them to move forward in their career paths.


Are you eligible for your NDIS employment support? If yes, then you can move on your unique journey. But don’t have any NDIS plan? Worry not! You can get thorough assistance from NDIS provider Melbourne who will help you in filing your application and finding the job which is exact fit for you. The support workers will equip you with the right knowledge, skills, training as well as experience from the real world so that you can enter into your new job with complete confidence.

If you are individual seeking support in accessing employment, then call at the office today!

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