How To Build a Victorian Dollhouse (and Make It Easier With Victorian Dollhouse Furniture)

The Victorian dollhouse is a perennial favorite among those in the dollhouse community. The architecture is beautiful and possesses an inherent, distinct charm that simply isn’t present in the way many homes are built today. There’s also something indulgent about the period, represented by rich fabrics, heavy materials, and over-the-top decorations. Best of all, perhaps, is the amount of crafting opportunities it presents to the dollhouse maker. Victorian dollhouses are detailed and intricate, giving miniaturists a lot to do.

Building your first Victorian dollhouse? Make sure you’re up to the challenge with these tips.

Victorian style 101
The Victorian style is named after Queen Victoria, who reigned over the United Kingdom from 1837 to 1901. It was a most prosperous period: the Industrial Revolution improved mass production and made the kingdom wealthier. It also allowed the middle class to flourish and prosper. Around the end of the era, modern conveniences were made more accessible, such that people could then have running hot and cold water, gas, and functional sanitation systems in their homes.

This time of abundance is reflected in Victorian-style architecture and interior design. Houses built during the Victoria era were tall, with roofs that were steeply pitched to add to their height and grandiosity. They were made with solid brick, because basic housing materials were more available than ever before. They also featured iron heavily, creating an imposing and stately appearance.

The interiors of Victorian homes added greatly to their splendor. Most featured grand staircases and high ceilings. They used dark wood in their experts on Crate & Barrel and floors, and rich, textured fabrics in draperies and rugs. No detail was left unfinished; even the wood paneling was intricately carved.

How to build your Victorian dollhouse
The first step in building any dollhouse is to decide whether you’d like to start from scratch with raw materials and plans, or to buy a Victorian dollhouse kit. Victorian dollhouse kits from Dollhouse City simplify the process of building, because they come with everything you need for the exteriors. Dollhouse City carries kits from many reputable brands, including Greenleaf, Majestic Mansions, and Real Good Toys. Just add one to your cart! You can even buy a finished dollhouse and go straight to decorating.

In decorating your dollhouse, you’ll want to pay close attention to detail, as reflected by the period. Victorian dollhouse furniture makes the process of furnishing your dollhouse much easier, saving you from the hassle of intricately shaping and carving your own miniatures. Dollhouse City also sells Victorian dollhouse furniture for every room in your dollhouse. All you’ll need to do is put together a layout and shop to your heart’s content.

It’s useful to keep references around while you’re building your Victorian dollhouse so you never miss a detail. Bookmark pages on Victorian architecture and interiors and keep them close by so that you can easily find any images and designs you’d like to replicate. You can also consult YouTube videos from many dollhouse makers who have built their own Victorian dollhouses for inspiration.

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