Malefic Mercury

How to Calm a Malefic Mercury?

Mercury has always been viewed as an outwardly adaptable, transformable, impartial, and wavering planetary body. This planet shows the temperament of a person. Also, it commands the response to our minds and feelings as well as the central nervous system.

Since Mercury is an intellectual planetary body, it showcases logical power, intelligence, brilliance, and reproducibility, a famous astrologer in Canada says. It is viewed as malefic in the third, eighth, ninth and twelfth houses. Planet Rahu brings adverse outcomes in the first, fifth, seventh, eighth, and eleventh houses.

Both Rahu and Mercury, if in their favorable houses, then planet Mercury will lead to havoc in the houses of the natives and bring about fateful results.

Planet Mercury is viewed as favorable in the first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh house and brings adverse outcomes if positioned in the other remaining houses. The enemy planet for Mercury is the Moon, says the most reputable astrologer in Canada. Planets Venus, Rahu, and the Sun are its friends, and planets Saturn, Ketu, and Mars are impartial to Mercury.

Effects of a Malefic Mercury

According to a renowned astrologer in Toronto, planet Mercury is regarded as compassionate and caring while associated with an agile mind. It rules two zodiac signs: Virgo and Gemini. If not compassionate, it turns out to be nasty if positioned with an enemy or another nasty planetary body in the horoscope.  

In such a situation, Mercury can cause adverse effects called “Pratikool.” These problems take place while Mercury brings Pratikool or adverse effects.

1.      The native can be sneaky, standing sturdily in front of his/her enemies.

2.      The native can be a liar and a gamester, too.

3.      The native can be showy or bragging.

4.      He/she may suffer from hysteria, insomnia, neuralgia, and many more.

Astrology Remedies for Malefic Mercury

1.      Mercury in the first house of the horoscope

·       Avoid or steer clear of sisters-in-law and things that are green in colour.

·       Do not eat eggs, meat or drink alcohol.

·       Businesses that need you to settle at a particular place are more beneficial compared to those that need you to move from place to place.

2.      Mercury in the second house of the horoscope

·       Give up meat, eggs, and alcohol.

·       Avoid keeping parrots, goats, and sheep as pets.

·       Avoid relationships with your sister-in-law.

3.      Mercury in the third house

·       Donate a goat.

·       Give food to birds.

·       Offer asthma medications.

·       Avoid residing in a house that is facing south.

·       Cleanse teeth using alum daily.

4.      Mercury in the fourth house

·       Apply Kesar tilak on the forehead every day for at least 43 days.

·       Offer jaggery to monkeys.

·       For wealth and affluence, wear a gold chain; for mental peace, wear a silver chain.

5.      Mercury in the fifth house

·       Put on a copper coin in a white-coloured string to gain treasures.

·       For wife happiness and fortune, serve cows.

·       It would be more auspicious to have a Gomukhi house than a Shermukhi house. A Gomukhi house is the one that is broader at the end and narrow at the front, while a Shermukhi house is broader at the front and narrower at the end.

6.      Mercury in the sixth house

·       Wear a silver ring in the left hand.

·       Bury a bottle full of water from the Ganges into the farming land.

·       Begin any vital task in the existence of a girl or daughters or by having flowers in hand for good luck.

7.      Mercury in the seventh house

·       Steer clear of partnership businesses

·       Avoid guesswork

·       Relations with sister in law can prove to be harmful

8.      Mercury in the eighth house

·       Place a ring on your daughter’s nose.

·       Fill up an earthen pot with honey and bury it in the cremation ground or an abandoned site.

·       Get a vessel and put rainwater or milk in it and put it on the roof of the house.

9.      Mercury in the ninth house

·       Stay away from anything in green.

·       Get a piercing done on your nose.

·       Get an earthen pot, fill it with mushrooms and give it to a holy place.

·       Avoid accepting any Tabeez from any faqir or sadhu.

10.  Mercury in the tenth house

·       Avoid the consumption of alcohol, meat, and eggs

·       Donate milk and rice to holy places.

11.  Mercury in the eleventh house

·       Avoid keeping a father’s sister or a widowed sister in the house.

·       Don’t take any Tabeez from a sadhu.

·       Put on a copper coin in a silver chain or white thread.

·       Keep away from emerald stone and green color.

13.  Mercury in the twelfth house

·       Wear a stainless steel ring.

·       Apply Kesar tilak on the forehead or face and visit holy places.

·       Prior to beginning with a new or important task, take suggestions from others.

·       Throw a new unfilled jug in a river.

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