How to Dye Your Own Eyelashes

It’s easy to become addicted to eyelash tinting, as with many other beauty procedures, once you see all of your invisible baby hairs on the tip-tops of your lashes colored.

My eyelashes were colored during a brow wax treatment, and I knew it wouldn’t be the last time. In the mirror, who was that long-lashed siren?

These weren’t my pale blonde eyelashes; they were longer, thicker, and just plain gorgeous.

Mascara? I no longer knew her. My new bestie was a lash curler.

When it comes to some aesthetic procedures, it’s best to leave them to the pros. You may also color your eyelashes and eyebrows yourself at home for a fraction of the cost of going to a salon.

You can also get top eye lightning drops to make your eyes look more admirable.

Regular readers will know that I was born with pale, nearly transparent eyelashes.

My eyelashes are so short without mascara that I seem like I have no eyelashes at all, and because that isn’t a look I aspire to (and because it makes me look like I’ve been in an eyelash-destroying accident), I’ve been dyeing my eyelashes ever since I learned it was an option

Step # 01:

Look in The Mirror and Ask Yourself: Do I Need Eyelash Dye?

However, while eyelash dying has worked wonders for me, it’s only beneficial for those of you who have naturally pale eyelashes.

Your lashes will not become thicker, longer, or curlier with this product. As a result, it will just darken them. And if they’re already dark, you’re not going to notice much – or any – advantage from this.

When it comes to lashes, eyelash color doesn’t work in the same way that hair dye does. 

Step # 02:

Choose Your Eyelash Dye:

You may use a variety of eyelash dyes, but I’ll be using Colorsport 30 Day Mascara in black for this article.

Alternatively, you may choose a brown version if you like a more natural look.

Brown and black dyes, in my opinion, don’t differ significantly, but it’s up to you whatever hue you like.

Step # 03:

Make Sure You Do a Patch Test:


Like any dye, it’s necessary to conduct a patch test 24 hours before using and to repeat the test every time whether you’ve done it previously or not.

Instructions on how to do a patch test are included in the package, but it simply includes following the mixing instructions below and then applying to the skin of your armpit (or any other inconspicuous location) rather than to your lashes to see whether it works.

Step # 04:

Combine the Eyelash Dye Mix:

As a first step, squirt a little color from the tube onto the baking sheet. About 2 inches is what I’m working with. Pour in a few drops of activating solution and stir until the mixture is thick and gloppy, then remove from heat.

Don’t add too much solution, since it will be difficult to apply and won’t have much of an effect on your lashes if it is too runny.

A few drops of activated solution will suffice, as long as it’s thick enough to stick to the wand and your lashes.

Step # 05:

Put on An Anti-Bacterial Barrier Cream:

Let’s start with a little pre-planning. Even if you’ve done something previously, you’re going to make mistakes.

It’s easy to make mistakes that result in dye getting on your eyelids, face, and who knows where else, and while it should wash right off without staining the skin, it’s better to be prepared by applying some kind of barrier cream (Vaseline will do) around your eyes, or by using the paper “shields” that come with some of these kits.

Worst staining experience you’ve ever had? One day, I accidentally spilled a whole bottle of mascara on my nail. It took many weeks for the stain to fade since absolutely nothing would remove it.

Step # 06:

Dye Your Eyelashes:

Use the same white plastic stick used to mix dye to apply the dye with this kit.

Some of the other kits I’ve tried, on the other hand, come with a tiny mascara-style brush to apply the eyelash dye to your lashes.

That’s why I’ve kept one of the mascara wands from another kit to use here. Use an old mascara wand if you don’t have one.

You can also buy these brushes at Sephora or Sally Beauty.

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