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How to Write Opinion Essay for Malaysian University

Writing an opinion for a Malasiya University piece needs you to express your point of view in the form of a point. And you must be able to justify your position with explanations and examples.  Your paper should address the readers directly and should begin with the phrase ‘Dear Readers.’ Begin your article with a captivating beginning. It can begin with a quote from a play, book, or speech. You can then follow up with a rhetorical question to stimulate the reader’s attention and entice them to read more.and hire an assignment helper to write an essay

With that said, here is step-by-step guidance on how to create an opinion essay.

  1. Brainstorming Ideas 

Your topic should be of interest to you since this will allow you to go the extra distance in composing your essay. You could choose a current news item or something from a remarkable life event. After you’ve decided on a topic, you’ll need to compose an essay or perhaps a statement of opinion about it. A thesis statement is a major idea you will discuss and occurs following your opening paragraph. It directs the reader’s attention to the topic of your essay.

After you’ve discovered your thoughts, you’ll have a better understanding of what your opinion is about and why you have it. You could, for example, write about how religious education in university is beneficial. The following step is to provide reasons for your decision. If you get here, you are on the correct track in terms of your motivations for writing. Here are some points to keep in mind while selecting a topic for your opinion essay.

  • Choose a Good Topic for an Opinion Essay for Malasiya University

Because this is an opinion essay, your goal is to take a firm stance on a specific topic. To accomplish this, you must have a real passion for a subject.

Choose an issue about which you are knowledgeable about

How well you comprehend a problem will be evident in your essay. Nobody wants to be known as a sloppy writer these days. This is why it is important to choose an article that you can fully explain.

Choose a puzzling topic

Writing a boring article that bores your readers will not benefit you or your grades.

This is a sure method to receive poor grades. You must choose a contentious topic, such as why people should not go to school on Mondays.

A topic like this is bound to pique the reader’s interest. You simply need avail assignment help Singapore to complete it for you or to ensure that you have adequate data to back up your thought.

  • Create an Outline for Your Opinion Essay

To produce a good opinion essay, you must adhere to the prescribed structure.

Your essay will flow more effortlessly if you structure it correctly. The following are the essential components of a standard opinion essay:

  • Learn What to Write in an Opinion Essay’s 5 Paragraphs

This is a 5-paragraph essay in which you must explain the following:

The Statement of the Thesis

Your thesis statement should be one or two words long and convey the key subject you will discuss. The thesis statement should provide the reader with background information on the topic of your essay.


Your introduction is your chance to catch the reader and entice them to continue reading your essay. As a result, you must devise a catchy manner to introduce your topic. To clarify the context for your essay, you may also need to provide a general but brief background to your article. Use the beginning to draw the audience in and let them know what to expect in the essay. Wherever possible, provide persuasive examples and evidence.


You will discuss your notion in the body of the article. You should concentrate on it and give it your all because it is the substance of the essay. The length or number of paragraphs in the body will be determined by your professor’s requirements.

  1. Give it a personalized feel: Because this is an opinion piece, you must write it from a personal perspective. Make the essay more personal by including personal examples to back up your ideas.
  2. Instead of using passive voice, use active voice.
  3. You should also avoid using jargon or complex terminology. Stay true to yourself and express things in simple terms.
  4. Stick to the word count: Always write the number of words specified. If you must exceed the word count, do so by no more than 50 words.
  5. Respect and value opposing viewpoints: Respecting and appreciating opposing viewpoints will offer credibility to your article. This also improves the attraction and relatability of your work.
  6. Provide a solution: One of the characteristics of a well-written opinion essay is that it concludes with a solution.

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