My Night at an Erotic Massage Parlor in Irvine

On my way to an Irvine erotic massage parlor, I had no idea what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t the experience I got! It was probably the most interesting date I’ve ever been on and also one of the best experiences of my life – let me tell you why. This client review will give you the dirty details of what happened there and why you should go check it out too!

What happened?

For whatever reason, I had always been intrigued by sex shops—especially ones that offered erotic massage. However, I had never been to one before so when I found out that there was a place called Vibe-City located about 20 minutes from my office, I quickly scheduled an appointment for a full body rub. When I arrived at Vibe-City, it was immediately apparent that something special was going on there. The woman behind the counter gave me a quick nod as she sat behind her computer screen staring intently at some sort of spreadsheet. Before I knew it, another woman came up to me and escorted me back into a large room lined with several massage tables.

How did I find my way there?

I was hanging out with some friends and they told me they had heard there was a place nearby where you could get a happy ending. Where is it? I asked. It’s called a happy ending parlor, my friend said. So we decided to go check it out. When we got there, I walked into one of those hot-stone massages and we gave each other knowing glances. I knew what would happen next, because everything about that massage parlor screamed (that’s city as in orgasm).

The Inside

In a way, I’m kind of glad she called me a baby. At first it was annoying—I mean, she’s not that much older than I am, and besides, what if someone had overheard? But then I realized I was being judgmental about her. As a sex educator, it’s my job to be open-minded and accepting of all kinds of people, especially when they’re looking for information or support around sex. And how can you get there without first being a beginner? So to anyone reading who has never been to an erotic massage parlor before: don’t be scared! It doesn’t mean you’re weird or perverted; it just means you are normal!

The Girls

After a long day of meetings, I had earned a drink or two. To get my evening started, I stopped by one of my favorite bars that just happened to be hosting a happy hour. While downing dollar oysters and a delicious glass of red wine, I struck up a conversation with another patron who was chatting away nearby. He turned out to be friendly, single and fairly attractive for his age (early 50s). We soon discovered we were both heading in the same direction so he suggested we take our drinks to go and continue our chat elsewhere; after all, he knew of a bar nearby that had great happy hour specials. After one more round it was off to his next adventure: hot women!

Have Fun With It!

Massages are generally relaxing, no matter what kind you get. But sex and pleasure aren’t just for romance—they can also make for a fun night out with friends, or even something new and different to try when you’re single. However, be careful if you decide to visit an erotic massage parlor as a date: While most places are legit businesses providing a service, some may not be as safe as they appear. And many parlors that claim to offer happy endings (i.e., sexual climax) are little more than legalized prostitution rings operating outside of normal business hours. Still interested? Check out these popular erotic massage parlors in your area before booking a reservation.

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