Pros and cons of breast implant

Breasts make the women look more attractive. There is a conception among the women that they will be more attractive and favorite to their men if they have a noticeable set of breasts. The idea is not a wrong one. So, women with unattractive breasts are implanting their breasts frequently and the issue is also a common one around the globe.

Although women do not confess that they have implanted the breasts, but most of the time undergo the surgery to make them attractive. The breast implant is widely practiced in different countries and the surgery is very simple too. Silicon is implanted on the breasts through an operation. It makes the shapes of the breasts to look good and attractive. Breast implants aims only to increase the beauty of women   

But still there are some confusion regarding the issue. Women who want to implant the breasts are unaware of the process and if there are any problems when it is done. They are worried if they would be able to breast feeding or if the shapes will be changed and many more.

Breast implant is nothing than implanting a silicon balloon inside the breast through a minor surgery. The implants are of different sizes and made after the physical shapes. Earlier, it was reported that the silicon causes breast cancer. Then to prevent the cancer, saline water was used inside the silicon balloon. But it is not proven that silicon causes breast cancer or it does not cause so.   

However, the silicon balloon is the first choice of the women around the globe. The balloons are implanted through operating the lower portion of the breast. The surgery marks go vanished under the line. Usually the breasts remain fit after 15 to 20 years of the operation. But problems may occur after passing around 10 years. So, you should consult with doctor if the implants are okay. Leakage of the balloons should also be checked, and in that case, it should be changed immediately.

Here are some disadvantages of breast implant.

Regular consultation with doctor

You are not sure that everything will go right after the breast implant. So, you have to consult with your doctor in a regular basis to avoid any sort of complexity.

Physical disorder

Usually the organic breasts are fit with the body structure, naturally. When you implant a large size of breasts, it may cause different disorder like back pain, waist pain and more if the size does not match you.  

Avoid heavy work

Generally the doctors forbade engaging in such works that may require any pressures on the breasts. If the pressure is heavy, the silicon balloon may get leaked or blasted too.


After the surgery, there are large chances to get infected. So, you have to be careful too much immediately after the implant to avoid any sort of infections.   

Lifestyle check

Despite being a minor surgery the impacts are vast. So, you are to control your lifestyle for around one month after the operation. Or you are to suffer a lot.


When the balloons are larger than your shape, it may happen that the breasts are hanging around your belly for their weight. It may also damage the natural shape.

Tissue hardening

After surgery, it is reported that the soft tissues on breasts have turned into harder. At times the tissues get cramped temporarily. So, you have to think about it before implanting. 

Trouble in breast feeding

When the surgeon is unskilled, you may have troubles in breast feeding. At times it happens that the surgery is done next to the nipples. In that case, you may experience the trouble.

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