The Death of King Von

The death of King von autopsy is a terrible blow to Chicago hip-hop fans, particularly given his long criminal history and music that dealt with gang violence. He died one week after the release of a new album. His lyrics are narrative, delivered with a dead-eye nihillism. In his songs, Von speaks of gangs and violence in his hometown, and the world around him.

King Von’s criminal history

Despite his popularity in the hip hop scene, King Von’s criminal past is far from clean. In 2014, he robbed a person at gunpoint and stole their car. A year later, he was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm. He fired his weapon 15 to 16 times at the victim as he fled the scene.

Von’s lengthy criminal history began at the age of 16. He first went to jail when he was 16 and was arrested again two years later. According to police, Von has a long history of violence, and he is suspected of killing 4-5 people. One of these victims was a girl named Gakirah Barnes. The hoodie and blue jeans she wore was ripped off by the unknown gunman.

His songs are narrative with a dead-eye nihillism

In the post-drill landscape of Chicago rap, Von emerged as a unique voice that paid homage to first generation stars like G Herbo and Chief Keef, but whose lyrics are remarkably unadorned. Von’s greatest hit, “Took Her to the O,” is a wry and humorous narrative of an evening on the town. Von’s main enemies are rival gang members who are jealous of each other.

Von’s music is a compelling form of storytelling that showcases the complexities of the singer’s personality. It fleshes out narratives that are rare in mainstream hip-hop. The lyrics reveal layers of nuance that make Von a relatable figure.

His music is about gang violence

Many of King Von’s songs have been about gang violence, and he’s certainly no stranger to the subject. In one song, “War,” Von raps about his dangerous lifestyle and reflects on how it started for him. Tragically, Von was killed in a shooting in November 2020. “It all started when I was a teenager,” Von raps on “War.” He seems to understand that his death will come.

Bennett and his crew, known as the O Block, had gotten into an altercation outside a Miami nightclub on May 29. A security camera caught both sides exchanging gunfire. Lul Tim, a member of Bennett’s crew, shot King Von multiple times. Von was taken to a hospital in critical condition, but later died of his wounds. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) reported that two other people were killed in the shootout. One of them was the brother of HK, and the other was his cousin, Zell Munna.

His death comes one week after the release of a new album

Rapper King Von died at the age of 33 just one week after the release of his new album, “Welcome to O’Block.” His death was a shock to hip-hop fans and music lovers alike. The rapper hails from Chicago and grew up in Parkway Gardens, a low-income housing complex on the city’s South Side. During his youth, he was heavily involved in the Chicago drill scene and was signed by Lil Durk to his label, Only the Family Entertainment. His vivid street storytelling and infectious rhymes earned him a national following.

Von’s death is the latest in a string of tragedies for hip-hop fans. Last summer, the rapper and his partner were arrested for attempted murder in a botched robbery outside an Atlanta restaurant. Though they were released on pre-trial bail, the rappers were not allowed to contact each other outside of court dates. The case continues to remain open. Von’s career was on the rise, and his sudden death will be a devastating blow to the hip-hop community.

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