Eavestrough Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Eavestrough Maintenance: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

The eavestrough system is an integral part of your home’s exterior. This system is responsible for collecting rainwater from your roof and directing it to the ground. However, eavestroughs need proper maintenance and care to function effectively. If you neglect their maintenance, you might encounter issues such as leaks, clogs, and drainage problems. Envirotech Exteriors can assist you with all of your eavestrough and siding needs and is the best eavestrough installation in Burlington, Hamilton, and the Niagara Region. In this blog, we will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to know for eavestrough maintenance. Keep reading to find out what you need to do to keep your eavestroughs functioning at their best.

Clean Your Eavestroughs Regularly

One of the crucial steps to eavestrough maintenance is cleaning them regularly. Leaves, twigs, debris, and sediment can accumulate in your eavestroughs and cause clogs. Clogged eavestroughs can lead to water damage to your home’s foundation and walls. Therefore, it is essential to clean them at least twice a year, preferably in spring and fall. You can either hire a professional eavestrough cleaning service or do it yourself using a ladder, scoop, and garden hose.

Repair Any Damages

Another important step in eavestrough maintenance is to inspect them for any damages and repair them as soon as possible. Damages can lead to leaks, which can cause water damage to your home. Check for signs of rust, holes, cracks, and loose fasteners. Replace any damaged parts or hire a professional to do the repairs for you.

Ensure Proper Drainage

Your eavestrough system’s main job is to collect rainwater and direct it away from your home’s foundation. Therefore, you need to ensure proper drainage to avoid water damage. Ensure your downspouts direct water at least 5 feet away from your home’s foundation. You can also install downspout extensions to redirect the water farther away.

Install Gutter Guards

Installing gutter guards is an effective way to prevent debris and leaves from entering your eavestroughs. Gutter guards also prevent the buildup of ice dams, which can cause significant damage to your eavestroughs and roof. Gutter guards can be made of different materials such as aluminum, plastic, and mesh. They are easy to install and can save you time and money in the long run.

Check Eavestroughs After Storms

Storms can cause damage to your eavestroughs, so it’s crucial to check them after a significant storm. High winds can loosen fasteners, while heavy rain can cause clogs and overflows. Check for any signs of damage, leaks, or clogs and take appropriate action.


Eavestrough maintenance is critical to protecting your home from water damage. Regular cleaning, repairs, proper drainage, installing gutter guards, and checking after a storm are all essential steps in eavestrough maintenance. Neglecting these steps can lead to significant damage to your home’s foundation and walls. Therefore, it’s important to take eavestrough maintenance seriously and make it a part of your home maintenance routine. Follow the tips and tricks mentioned in this blog, and your eavestrough system will last for years to come.

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