Tips to promote the literacy skills of your kindergarteners

Training the kids in literacy skills must start even before the children learn alphabets. Know that children are developing their communication skills from day one of their schooling. A good communication is crucial for every child to be able to communicate its ideas and words. The first interactions of a baby become the building blocks of their language kills. This is especially true when the kid starts pointing out to an object or follows your gaze to know and decide what is important. When the children grow, they learn to make use of the different language tools to communicate their ideas in more powerful and complex ways.

How to promote the literacy skills of kindergarteners
Promoting the literacy skills of your kindergarteners is one of the foremost objectives of a kindergarten center. One of the easiest ways of promoting communication skills is to help children make associations between what they see and what they hear. Pointing out to illustrations in a book or touching on the words that you read aloud can help the kids recognize that pictures also convey ideas and the written words represent a given word or phrase.

Some of the most effective and interesting ways to promote the communication skills of kids include providing them enough printed materials, using interesting and new words to indicate familiar concepts, narrating stories and reading books that trigger some kind of conversation.

Some interesting pretend play activities to develop communication skills
Arrange for an old-fashioned tea party. Get some cups, plastic teapots, and saucers. Encourage your kids to dress up for the tea party that is attended by their friends. If needed, you can also bring in the kid’s stuffed animals to find some attendees for the party.

Teach the kids on the kills of greeting the guests, inviting them to occupy the seats at the table, facilitating the conversation, and offering a toast. This game can help children develop positive table manners, train them on using words like please and politely. They can be brought out of their reservations and readily engage in a conversation.

Make the kids dress up like the principal, a teacher, their favorite cartoon character, or the town mayor to give a speech. You can introduce a few useful topics like keeping the public places litter-free and treating animals kindly. You can make some make shift arrangements to let the children know how to use the available things in a creative way.

Playing pretend telephone is a very easy and effective game to develop the communication skills in kids. You can think ways of hamming up the fun with the use of different gestures and voices.

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