Top Medical Provider with iKnowMed EMR

iKnowMed is a web-based electronic health record (EHR) that can be used in small, medium, and large medical practices. It is compatible with any practice management system and offers a variety of self-service features, such as secure messaging and on-line bill pay. It also lets patients make appointments, receive personalized education, and seek out financial assistance.

iKnowMed is a powerful web-based electronic health record

iKnowMed EMR is an electronic health record (EHR) system for physicians focused on hematology and oncology care. It provides comprehensive patient information and treatment intelligence that helps physicians determine the best course of treatment. Users can customize their system, and their data is easily accessible. The system is easy to use for both physicians and patients.

iKnowMed generation 2 is an advanced web-based electronic health record, developed in collaboration with oncologists. It enables physicians to monitor their patients’ health records while on the go, while maintaining HIPAA compliance. In addition, it helps physicians improve the quality of patient care and improve practice workflows.

iKnowMed has earned a place in the top-ranked EHR platform for hematologists and oncologists according to Black BookTM Research, an industry-leading polling and survey company. Its powerful EHR features are designed by oncologists for oncologists, including secure web-based patient charts, comprehensive point-of-care treatment decision support, and support for value-based care programs.

It includes a clinical trial management system

Iknowmed is a comprehensive clinical trial management system that allows healthcare organizations to easily manage and analyze clinical trials. The system has an EMR data capture capability and a common flow sheet paradigm. It is easy to customize to fit the specific needs of clinical trials. It has been used by SWOG to manage several trials since the early 2000s.

It is a fully hosted web-based EHR system that provides comprehensive cancer diagnosis and regimen libraries and streamlines research processes. The system also integrates with other tools to optimize workflow and support real-time decision-making. It can help practices achieve Meaningful Use and improve patient safety.

While individual solutions have been helpful in streamlining particular application areas, the growing number of clinical trials often causes inefficiencies. Having just one system eliminates the need for data reconciliation and ensures the accuracy of clinical trial information. As more healthcare organizations adopt electronic medical records, not all are ready for the standards needed for data sharing. In addition, not all organizations are prepared to migrate from HL7 Version 2 to HL7 Version 3, which is crucial for clinical trial system integration.

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It includes secure mobile access

iKnowmed’s secure mobile access and mobile oncology tools are two of the many features of this EHR. The app includes an extensive cancer regimen library and detailed content. Additionally, the app supports advanced documentation and e-prescribing capabilities. It also allows for auto-sharing of clinical notes.

iKnowMed’s secure mobile access allows doctors to keep track of their patient’s medical records while on the road. This feature allows physicians to monitor their health records while on the go without compromising HIPAA compliance. The iKnowMed EHR Generation 2 is certified for HIPAA compliance and includes advanced features for cancer care management and enhanced disease management.

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