What Do You Think Of Wedding Cake Strain?

Almost everyone’s favourite childhood treat is sour candy. However, it can be challenging to determine which foods are vegan and which aren’t when it comes to gummy candies.

Numerous cannabis wedding expos targeted towards soon-to-be-married, marijuana-loving couples have taken place in recent years. Couples can view the cannabis items available at these expos and think about the best way to include marijuana in their wedding day.

The Wedding Cake hybrid is the only one that comes to mind as being more fitting for newlyweds to savour on their big day. However, you must be accustomed to high THC strains as this one is very potent if you want to sample Wedding Cake. You don’t have to be getting married, though.


Wedding Cake marijuana has a 60:40 indica to sativa ratio and is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid. Confoundingly, there are a few distinct Wedding Cake strains available, and although they have the same name, they come from completely diverse ancestries.

Cherry pie and Girl Scout cookies were crossed to create the Wedding Cake strain (GSC). If you’re from Canada, you might be familiar with this strain by the moniker “Pink Cookies. The other, which is a cross between Triangle Kush and Animal Mints, goes by the moniker Triangle Mints #23, in addition to Wedding Cake. Initially developed in Southern California, that strain was eventually assisted in travelling to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains by a breeder by the name of Kind Love.

With an average THC level of about 25%, the strain known as Wedding Cake is extremely strong. It is therefore completely inappropriate for beginners. However, experienced cannabis users who use Wedding Cake marijuana moderately should enjoy the euphoric high this strain produces.

The majority of consumers say that Wedding Cake has uplifting and calming qualities, which makes it a great after-dinner strain.

Smell Of Strain:

The Wedding Cake strain lives up to its name by having a sweet flavour and aroma, and it doesn’t let you down. When you first inhale its delightful vanilla scent, the sweetness hits you immediately. The earthy and peppery undertones in Wedding Cake work well to balance its sweeter overtones.

The notes on this strain showed that its backcrossed genetics blended effectively and retained the crucial tart and sweet characteristics of its heritage.

Wedding Cake Strain Taste:

A fair indication of the flavour of the Wedding Cake strain comes from its scent. On the inhale, Wedding Cake has a peppery flavour that quickly gives way to a stronger, earthier flavour. On the exhale, the sweeter, vanilla notes are the most noticeable and leave a lingering, delightfully sweet aftertaste.


Wedding Cake plants are short and bushy with dense buds and typical indica-like thick foliage. The plant starts off with forest green leaves, which gradually turn darker purple as it gets older.


Growers have the option of starting the Wedding Cake strain from seeds or cloning, which entails taking a cutting from an established female plant.Wedding Cake plants are suited for indoor gardening because they grow short and bushy. Please be aware that the Wedding Cake strain grows best in nutrient-rich soil if grown indoors. Indoor growers must have a reliable ventilation system in place to improve airflow and control humidity levels in their grow space.

Wedding Cake plants require a significant amount of maintenance, and routine pruning is necessary to maintain control over their dense foliage. Additionally, seasoned growers advise cultivating the Wedding Cake strain using the Sea of Green (SOG) technique.

Indoor farmers can maximise the number of plants (and, hence, their production) in a constrained grow space by using the SOG method. Expert gardeners advise scattering four seeds per square metre.


Depending on the growing techniques you use, the indoor flowering time for wedding cakes might range from seven weeks to nine weeks. The good news is that Wedding Cake produces 18 to 21 ounces per square metre indoors.


Please be aware that if you choose to cultivate the Wedding Cake strain outside, a warm, sunny environment is optimal for it. Successful outdoor wedding cake growers should expect a bountiful harvest of 21 ounces per plant during the outdoor harvesting season, which normally lasts from late September to mid-October.


Wedding Cake’s users are aware of its power. Versions of this strain with a 27% THC concentration have been found in tests! We have discussed how a strain’s THC content may not always produce the high you anticipate.

But Wedding Cake is unquestionably more potent than its lab results indicate! If you are new to smoking marijuana, we DO NOT advise you to try this strain. There is very little CBD in the Wedding Cake strain. The highest CBD concentration known was reportedly only 0.03%, and the majority of samples typically contain 0.01%.