Become a Member of the CO2 And SQM Club

Become a member of the CO2 And SQM Club. By joining, you’ll be supporting the Alliance for Climate Change & Health and the Center for Climate Change & Health. You’ll also get the best in scientific news, updates on climate-related health issues, and more.

Join the Alliance for Climate Change

Getting involved with the US Climate and Health Alliance is a way to take part in the national health community’s efforts to address climate change. The organization, which is part of the Global Climate and Health Alliance, is a non-profit organization that works to maximize the health benefits of climate solutions.

The organization has a steering committee that plans its activities for the year. The steering committee is also a forum for health professionals to connect with other sustainability groups. Activities have included public forums on climate policy ethics and alternative energy, film screenings, and international festivals.

Health professionals can also connect with their community through the organization’s Moving Forward: A Guide for Health Professionals, which provides guidance on how to reduce energy use, engage with policymakers, and build resilience. The guide also includes tools to help health professionals advocate for climate solutions that prioritize health.

As a member of the US Climate and Health Alliance, you will participate in quarterly calls and workgroups. In addition, you will be part of an alliance statement of principles, which includes a commitment to minimizing the health effects of climate change. The organization also links with other organizations throughout the country and internationally.

You can also learn more about the Alliance’s work by visiting the organization’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

Join the Center for Climate Change & Health

APHA’s Center for Climate, Health and Equity is leading public health efforts to address climate change and inspire action. Through research, education, and advocacy, the Center seeks to advance equitable climate policies and promote healthier communities. Its vision includes building a healthy America and a healthiest nation in one generation.

In March, APHA added a full-time Climate Change Program Manager to its leadership team. This position will support the program’s activities and offer direct support to members. In addition, a steering committee will be established to guide the center’s activities. This committee will be comprised of partners from diverse sectors.

The Center for Climate Change & Health brings together health professionals, scientists, policymakers, and community partners to advance knowledge and build climate-resilient communities. Its work is grounded in California’s climate leadership and has been underway for years.

The Center’s research focuses on the health impacts of climate change and how to improve them. It also fosters partnerships with vulnerable communities, addressing gaps in access to resources. It also provides training and innovative research that will be used to improve health outcomes.

The center engages community partners and health professionals to build a stronger cadre of community organizers. These community organizers can then have a greater impact on community initiatives.

The Center also provides training on how to talk about climate change to policymakers. Throughout the program, participants will learn how to create effective talking points and build an advocacy network. In addition, they will learn how to engage other members of the community in meaningful discussion about climate change.

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