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Whether you’re looking for a place to find out what’s happening in your area or to read about a specific news event, you may want to check out They offer a variety of interesting articles, including one on a recent “Kala Kumbh” protest in India. They also offer a partnership with McClatchy to provide ad-free subscriptions.


‘Kala Kumbh’ protesters spill anger and resentment

During five days of riots, hundreds of flights were canceled. Some of the more notable incidents included a policeman being kicked and a baton being used as a weapon. There was also a aforementioned me-moment in the form of an impromptu ceremony, albeit one that lasted the better part of the night. While the government did its best to fend off the mob, it was not without some notable collateral damage. Among other things, the aforementioned officer was hailed as a hero for his actions during the riots.

On the other hand, it’s still a bummer to see a friend smacked in the face by a hapless riot police officer. Moreover, a plethora of media outlets are tripping over themselves trying to cover every last detail. Regardless, the incident is a microcosm of China’s larger issues. Despite the fact that the nation is a constitutional monarchy with an avowed agenda, the government has taken the necessary steps to prevent another such episode.

George H. Gallup Award winners in 2022

Founder of the Gallup Poll and Quill and Scroll International Journalism Honor Society, George H. Gallup (1930-84) was one of the leading American public opinion experts. He was a pioneer of polling techniques and the first to use scientific sampling methods. He surveyed Americans on topics such as schools, families, religion, and institutions.

He also founded the Princeton Religion Research Center with sociologist Miriam Murphy. He published several books and conducted surveys on religion and spirituality. He was the president of the National Municipal League from 1953 to 1956. He also served as chairman of the All-America Cities Award Committee, which selects all-American cities.

After his father’s death in 1984, Gallup became co-chairman of the Gallup Organization. He was active in his work until his death.

During his life, he received numerous awards and honors for his writing and work. He was the author of What My People Think, a book about the opinions of Americans on a variety of subjects.

Nuzzel service going to be “winding down”

Until recently, the aforementioned service has been a hot topic of conversation among the Twitter chums. Notably, the company has declined to comment on Wong’s claims of the ilk. As a result, Wong will probably not be posting much in the near future. The news may well be the death of the dilution in a matter of days. To help navigate the waters, Nuzzel will be laying off some of its staffers, and providing the same quality of service its predecessors have. For now, Wong and his crew are in safe hands. For more on the state of the company, visit their website. After all, they have your best interests at heart. Regardless of the unfortunate news, the Nuzzel has been a pillar of the community for years, and the team is eager to ring in the new year on high note. Hopefully, their good friends at Facebook, LinkedIn and the gaffers at Google won’t be looking for a bloody martini too soon.

Partnership with McClatchy to offer ad-free subscriptions

Currently, Scroll offers an ad-free reading experience to users, giving them access to hundreds of news sites. Those who sign up for the service pay a monthly subscription fee, and in return receive ad-free access to their favorite news sites. This subscription model allows publishers to offer readers a better experience, and make more money from their subscribers. In addition, Scroll also provides publishers with a revenue calculator to help them determine the revenue they could expect from their subscribers.

Using ad-free subscriptions to read news sites can be a great way to support journalism. This new partnership between Scroll and McClatchy will give users ad-free access to eight of the company’s publications. Those who choose to subscribe will have the option to get a discount on their membership, and the companies will work together to see if they can provide more outlets for ad-free access.

The agreement will also extend to McClatchy platforms like The Charlotte Observer and The Kansas City Star. In addition to ad-free access, these newspapers will be providing exclusive content to their readers.

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