Beyond Organic Traffic and Impressions: The Value of an eCommerce SEO Specialist

The process of hiring an eCommerce SEO specialist can feel uncomfortable, especially if you aren’t too keen on the expense and don’t really know what SEO means. (You’re not alone in that, by the way.)

Basically, eCommerce SEO is a digital marketing channel that will improve your organic rankings and impressions, and, with the proper keyword research, will (hopefully) increase your traffic and sales.

But these are the obvious reasons that most online businesses hire eCommerce SEO specialists. What of the others that don’t get enough press coverage?

Let’s give them some well-deserved recognition.

Making Improvements to Site Usability and Experience

It serves an eCommerce SEO agency’s best interests to improve your website’s usability and experience. After all, Google directly looks at site speed, structure, security, and configuration when assigning authority and rankings.

Features like a missing sitemap, broken links, convoluted navigation structure, and slow load speeds are bad for SEO. They are also (obviously) bad for UX.

So you can expect these things to improve with the help of an eCommerce SEO company. (You can also often enlist the help of an eCommerce SEO services provider to improve your web design, too.)

Supporting Your Other Organic Marketing Efforts

Similarly, many eCommerce SEO companies also offer additional organic marketing efforts because the skills are transferable between SEO and for instance, organic marketing (and to a lesser degree, social media).

Things like social cues and high-quality, optimized, long-form content are also ranking signals. Improving these will boost your SEO. Be sure to ask your specialist about a potential multi-channel digital marketing strategy.

Insight into How Your Customers Act (and What They Want)

A big facet of success in SEO is watching both potential customer interactions with your website as well as natural target keyword fluctuations.

It might not seem like it, but very minor variations in keywords can have pronounced impacts on user behavior. Not all keywords carry the same search intent, either.

These insights gleaned from an eCommerce SEO specialist can help you refine your other marketing channels, your brand positioning, and your competitive advantage.

Giving Your Brand an Authoritative Voice

Content is a full one-quarter of SEO. It is its own pillar. Many SEO experts will go further and say it is without a doubt the most important factor involved in SEO.

Moreover, content appears on every page on your website, from product pages and category pages to landing pages like blogs.

High-quality content will give your brand a voice and position your eCommerce business as an authority in its niche. It also will improve your online store’s on-page optimization, and user metrics, potentially even conversion rates, and sales.

Cutting Back on PPC Expenditures

Running a PPC campaign can of course generate revenue, but it is also very expensive. Over the long term, the returns on effective SEO packages actually increase. They compound on themselves.

More importantly, ranking more effectively in the organic SERPs also means you will need to “bid less” on your rankings. With SEO, you can earn them instead of buying them.

Hire an eCommerce SEO Specialist with Proven Mettle

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