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Goa on Two Wheels: The Best Holiday Moments 

Exploring Goa on a rented bike has become a popular trend and a niche attraction among tourists, much like its beaches and churches. Do you also want to experience the best bike rental in Goa? Here are some places you can visit with bike hire in Goa

#1 Panjim

Visit the calm and serene city of Panjim for a day out from Goa. Ride along the Fountainhas that showcase the marvels of French architecture and visit the famous Old Church of Goa: the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. The skilful carvings and notable construction style will leave you awestruck as if you have travelled back in time with your bike hire in Goa. You can spend a day hiking at the beachside Reis Magos Fort. You will find some great attractions and souvenirs for shopping in Panjim. Don’t forget to enjoy a relaxed evening at Miramar beach before you return home. 

Panjim is also popular for the Shanta Durga temple. If you plan to visit with your family, this can be an add-on stop to your Goa itinerary. Apart from Panjim Beach, you can also visit the famous Dona Paula Beach, a prime location for movie shoots. An early-morning ride around sunrise at Dona Paula can offer great views and Insta-perfect pictures for your trip. 

#2 Baga Beach 

Baga beach is truly a paradise for bikers. Choose the best bike rental in Goa and ride along the beach promenade of Baga beach. It is a continuous stretch which seems never-ending at a point. Filled with enthusiastic tourists, thrilling water sports and the Goan vibe, Baga Beach is the place to chill out if you visit Goa with your friends. 

Once just a long stretch of sand and water, Baga beach has become a prime tourist attraction. The beach has also developed a lot, with multiple shacks and food options. We also have a selfie point at the beach apart from regular water sports activities. Don’t forget to add Baga Beach to your bucket list when you visit Goa.

#3 Calangute 

No Goa trip can be complete without a bike ride to Calangute. Calangute is that one place in north Goa which will offer you everything. If you are going for bike hire in Goa, Calangute is one place you cannot miss out on. 

From wax museums to casinos and beaches to shopping streets, you have it all here. Finding the right thing to do here wouldn’t be a problem. Famous for its cheap shopping centres for alcohol and cashew nuts, Calangute also houses a secret Tibetan shopping street where you can find some unique Tibetan jewellery, idols, and prayer flags.

#4 Candolim 

Candolim is another place in Goa that has multiple things to offer. Candolim is a place you can add to your Goa travel list when visiting with your family or friends. With its pristine beaches and the advent of our water sports, Candolim has something for everyone. Apart from the famous Candolim Beach, we also have Coco Beach, a quieter retreat if you are a fan of peaceful places and want to enjoy your me-time. 

While in Candolim, you can also visit Cabo Palace, a boat ride away from the beach. There is also a dolphin viewing deck. You can either go for only the dolphin-watching boat trip and enjoy an outer view of the Cabo Palace or go for an entire tour to experience the whole palace. 

#5 Mapusa

Get on your bike hire in Goa and travel to Mapusa now. Besides the visually pleasing and enchanting Vagator Beach, Mapusa is a great destination to taste local Goan food. Taste the Konkani and Malvani delicacies of Goa at the beach shacks or the ‘Khanaval’s around. Enjoy some of the famous seafood dishes in the authentic Goan way. 

Visit the Goa Collective Bazaar and shop for your favourite items at pocket-friendly prices. You can also enjoy dolphin watching, lake boating, mangrove trails and a lot at Mapusa Terra Conscious. Even though it has not been in the spotlight much, Mapusa is a destination with very high tourism potential. So catch this town in its essence before it gets flooded with tourists. 

Final Words 

We hope your Goa Plans have been parent-approved and you are all set to pack your bags and travel. You have multiple options for bike rides there. So, find the best bike rental in Goa and choose your favourite destination to travel to. After all, having our vehicle is better for exploring a city like a local, isn’t it? So, wait no more. It’s time to explore Goa on Two Wheels like never before. 

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