Meet the CIVIVI Pocket Knife That’s Making Waves

CIVIVI may be a newcomer in the world of pocket knives and seem like a real green entry next to industry leaders like Gerber and Buck.

But there’s a CIVIVI pocket knife that has utterly upended the world of all things that slice and dice. It’s the CIVIVI Elementum, and the knife community (from collectors to outdoorsmen) simply cannot get enough

Classic but Practical Ergonomics
When you hear the word “classic” your mind might wander to “basic” and truthfully, that is what the CIVIVI Elementum offers – but it works.

The Elementum offers a fairly nondescript, lengthy, rounded handle and a plain blade with a drop point. It’s not a groundbreaking design, but it’s comfortable to carry, hold and use, and practicality is what matters when it comes to tool use.

So while this CIVIVI pocket knife might not win the laurel of “knife industry’s hottest new look” (because it is neither new nor hot), it does what it’s supposed to.

Multiple Blade Steel Options
Like many popular models, CIVIVI has capitalized on the buzz and offers the Elementum in a variety of blade steels. There are Elementum pocket knives available with Damascus, D2, 14C28N, and 10Cr15CoMoV blades – steels that variously offer excellent durability, toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. One size does not fit all with the Elementum.

Different Blade Configurations
The basic Elementum has a 2.96” drop point blade, but this CIVIVI pocket knife is also available with a tanto-style point for extra integrity around the tip.

Multiple Lock Types
Most CIVIVI Elementum pocket knives are made with a liner lock. However, a newer model has been released with a button lock. This knife scores high on fidget-factor and button locks are also very strong and easy to manipulate with one hand – and what’s more, button locks enable you to close the knife without putting your fingers in the path of the blade.

So Popular, It Spawned a Fixed Blade
Rarely do folding knives amass such popularity that a fixed-blade spinoff is created. It has happened in the past, though rarely, such as in the case of the Buck 110 Folding Hunter, which in recent years has been converted into a fixed configuration. This CIVIVI pocket knife has proven so popular it has done the same.

If you like the look of the Elementum but are a fixed-fanatic, take note: you can now buy fixed CIVIVI Elementum knives, which, like their original namesakes, are available in multiple different types of steel.

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