Outage in Twitter usage in India

Many users in India have reported that they are unable to login to the microblogging platform Twitter. Many users have reported that when trying to login to the website, it says ‘Something went wrong, but don’t worry – try again.’ News NDTV.

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It is reported that the outage started on Thursday (November 3) around 3:00 p.m. By 7 a.m. on Friday, the problem started to escalate. One social media user wrote: ‘I can’t open Twitter, something went wrong. But let’s give another chance, I’m trying again.’

After taking ownership of Twitter last week, Tesla CEO and world’s richest man Elon Musk began to tighten his control over the medium.

Twitter will begin layoffs on Friday (November 4) in an effort to cut costs. Employees will be notified via an e-mail at 12:00 PM US local time (10:00 PM Bangladesh time). In an email sent to employees earlier on Thursday, Twitter said, ‘If you are at the office or on your way to the office, please go home.’

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social media giant said on Friday that it will go through a tough process of cutting staff worldwide on Friday in an effort to get Twitter back on a healthy path. The company also said it will temporarily close offices worldwide and suspend all access controls to ensure the security of every employee as well as Twitter systems and customer information.

Twitter said employees who will be laid off will be notified of next steps via their personal email addresses. Those who will not be retrenched will be informed through official e-mail. Musk is expected to cut about half of Twitter’s roughly 7,500 employees.

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The layoffs at Twitter began Friday