People fly by drone!

Who likes to float in the open sky? This hobby of flying in the sky first comes from watching birds. One man tried to fly in the sky. As a result of that effort, I used to make paper planes in my childhood and fly them in the sky. After that, there was no paper plane in the sky, but a real plane. Discovered airplanes, helicopters, parachutes, paragliding, drones, balloons and more! However, the real bird did not become that. But this time, American Hunter Quad discovered a giant drone that can actually fly like a bird.
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Photo: Collected

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A long time ago, people have fulfilled their desire to see the world with eagle’s eyes with drones. In recent times, drone shots can be seen in any video footage. But it is very difficult to think that people can fly by squeezing that drone. Hunter Quald, a young man from the city of New York, has achieved the impossible. He is flying all over the city in a divine drone. Recently, such a video has gone viral on social media. After which the noise fell among the netizens.

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Hunter Quald named his amazing vehicle ‘The Sky Surfer’. This young man is flying to his own city in that vehicle, seeing which people are going crazy. Hunter himself recently posted a video of the amazing flight on Twitter. Instantly that goes viral. The comment box on the young man’s social media account was flooded with millions of compliments. In that video, Hunter is seen flying in the city with a helmet on his head. Many cars are passing by. Suddenly, I feel like I understand the scene of a Hollywood science fiction movie. Now everyone’s question is, where did the idea of ​​making such a vehicle come from?

Hunter has been fond of flying since childhood. He got such addiction from his father. Because Hunter’s father is a licensed pilot. Hunter himself also skates. According to him, it is not wrong to call this vehicle a flying skateboard. The idea of ​​such a vehicle was already in his mind. Apart from that, his passion for flying has been going on for a long time. Hunter succeeded because of that desire.

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It took Hunter several months to build this device. He was able to collect the necessary parts one by one with great difficulty. After that, he made the racks. The experience of flying in a fancy vehicle for the first time was exhilarating. However, he used his snowboarding experience to maintain body balance. Anyone who wants to fly will not be able to fly in this vehicle.

Source: India Times

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