Put Your Money in a Skid Steer Mulcher That Will Never Surrender

Few skid steer attachments are as practical for rapidly clearing land of brush and woody debris as a reliable skid steer mulcher attachment.

But not all skid steer mulchers are created equal. You get what you pay for, and if you’re looking for a mulcher that will Never Surrender, the choice is clear; you invest in quality attachments from Spartan Equipment.

Durability, Reliability, Versatility
Spartan Equipment offers both disc and drum mulchers for skid steers. Their disc mulchers are available in both 52” and 82” configurations, and their industrial series drum mulchers are in 60” and 72” configurations.

Their disc mulchers have a 10” cutting capacity and a protective, durable deck made of ⅜” steel with reinforced sides. The heavy-duty discs of their mulchers are 1” thick, powered by high-torque piston motors, and equipped with replaceable, concave, 4-point quad teeth. Their smaller disc mulcher does not require a case drain.

Their drum mulchers are configured for compatibility with most major skid steers right out of the crate. They feature factory-installed oil coolers, pressure gauges, electrical control harnesses, hoses, and couplers. They are designed to fit all skid steer e/w Quick Tach Adapters.

Their drum mulchers are designed to be light and strong while keeping a low profile yet are engineered as high-flow attachments with the horsepower necessary to grind logs and stumps, for heavy-duty clearing and mulching.

They also feature front-mounted hydraulic deflector doors for efficient control of discharge particle size, mechanically protected roller bearings, self-aligning belt drives, and fixed hammers with reversible, double-sided cutting teeth.

These industrial drum mulchers are designed for shredding hardwood material up to 8” and feature 45 total teeth which are replaceable (cost ranges between $135 and $175). They are engineered for skid steers up to 165 horsepower and offer operational speeds up to 2000 RPM for fast, efficient clearing and mulching of the toughest, coarsest brush and woody debris.

These drum mulcher attachments are also engineered for durability and versatility. They feature adjustable skid plates and push bars, and offer 2.438” alloy steel drive shafts and balanced .75” wall drums.

These 60” and 72” skid steer drum mulchers feature the best mulcher heads in the industry and streamline wildland management, clearing, and reclamation.

All Spartan Equipment skid steer mulchers, which are designed for hard work and reliability, are ideal for general land clearing applications, site preparation, pipeline maintenance, wildfire prevention, and management, such as creating fire breaks, road overgrowth management, storm damage cleanup, and more.

When you’re wrangling with the toughest clearing jobs the earth can throw at you, you’ll be glad you chose Spartan.

American Steel, American Made
Don’t settle for a foreign import when you can buy an American-made skid steer mulcher that is constructed with American steel.

Spartan Equipment attachments are made in the United States and engineered with true American tenacity using high-strength American steel that is consistent and treated for durability, and often powder-coated for wear and corrosion resistance and longevity.

Gambling on equipment when quality and performance count is a thing of the past with Spartan Equipment. They offer free ground shipping and many of their skid steer attachments are backed by a 1-year warranty. They also offer top-tier customer service; you can reach them at 1-888-888-1085.

Many of their attachments are also highly regarded and recommended by their customers. To see what actual customers are saying, visit their website, SpartanEquipment.com.

To learn more about their skid steer attachments, visit their website at the address above or get in contact with their customer service team.

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