Types of Printers | List, Category, Impact, and Non-impact Printer

In this article, we are going to discuss everything related to printers.

Its types, categories, what is impact and non-impact printer, and much more.

So without any further ado let’s get to our main topic is;

What Is a Printer?

So if you don’t know what a printer basically is how can you understand its different types and categories. 

A Printer is an output device that is invented by Charles Babbage. It is used to print or copy any image or graphics, texts, fonts, etc.

The printer provides these duplicate copies on physical medium papers.

The printer provides output in form of hardcopy.  It is a more permanent and easily visible way to observe data or pictures.

Types of Printers:

Printers are of two types;

Impact Printers

If the ink ribbon is in direct contact with paper then this type of printer is known as an impact printer.

They do make noise but some people still use them because of their amazing features that are multi-part.

These types of printers work just like a typewriter. Impact printers use electro-mechanical devices for printing.

As compared to non-impact printers, impact printers are very fast. The average number of words this type of printer covers in one second is 250.

Some common examples of impact printers include;

  • Dot-matrix printer.
  • Ball printers.
  • Daisy-wheel printers.
  • Line printers.

Non-Impact Printers:

Non-impact printers are those printers that don’t touch ribbon ink for printing. Non-impact printers use different types of printing technology that include laser, inkjet, laser, xerographic, chemical, and electrostatic.

Impact printers don’t create any noise at the time of the printing process.

Nonimpact printers don’t require electro-mechanical devices for printing. Non-impact printers are very slower than impact printers as they cover only a single page in 30 seconds.

The maintenance of these printers is less than impact printers. These types of printers are mostly used in today’s time periods.

Laser printers and inkjet printers are the two common examples of non-impact printers.

List of Different Types of Printers:

There are more different types of printers available in the market so let’s have a look at them too.

Dot-Matrix Printers:

In dot matrix printer 9-24 pin print heads come in use. These pins help in producing a dot pattern for shaping any character or font or anything. More pin print heads mean more good quality of the output.

This means if your dot-matrix printer has a 9 pin print head then it will produce an output of good quality but if your dot matrix printer has a 24 pin print head then it will produce high-quality output which is better than 9 pins print heads.

Dot-matrix printers are very fast, as they can print 100-600 characters in just one second.

Daisy-Wheel Printers:

In this printing technology, the hammer hits each character into an ink ribbon, which results in creating different characters on medium-thick paper.

It is mostly used in typewriters to produce good-quality output.

The print speed of these printers is way slower as it only prints 25-55 characters in one second.

Line Printers:

Line printers are also known as line-at-a-time printers.

These printers are great for high-volume printing processes or office use. 

These printers are very fast as they print one line in just seconds. They can easily print 1200 – 6000 lines in just a minute.

These printers are of different types such as 

  • Drum printers.
  • Chain printers.
  • Band printers.

Ink-Jet Printers:

Inkjet printers are printer that uses liquid Ink only to print the document. These printers are available for both monochromatic and colored printing.

But they are especially known for vibrant colored pictures.

Inkjet printers are more affordable and cheap. But it is not a one-time investment you need money for nozzles and inks again and again.

Inkjet printers provide high-quality outputs of assignments, projects, and color pictures.

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Inkjet printers use spraying microscopic ink drops on paper technology. 

Laser Printers:

Laser printers are those printers that use laser technology for printing.

They melt down the toner powders into liquid and use it on paper to create a print.

These printers are mostly big in size so they occupy more space. Laser printers are great for offices use. They are a little expensive than an inkjet printer.

Laser printers are available for both colored and black and white pictures but these are mostly known for monochromatic pictures.

Laser printers are great for PDFs documents and sharp highlights


We have discussed in detail the different types of printers. You will not feel any more difficulty in identifying the specific type of printer.

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