YouTube Vanced apk with Vanced manager

Have you ever heard about the YouTube Vanced apk?

If you are not, the YouTube vanced is an Android application that was developed for use to get extra features for YouTube. The YouTube vanced apk gives more functionality than original the YouTube app. If you are seeking an application for getting premium video experience on YouTube, the YouTube vanced apk is the best app that suits you. Keep reading this post to know more about this amazing mod application.

YouTube Vanced apk

Steps that you need to follow for getting YouTube vanced apk

YouTube vanced is free to download to any Android device that runs Android 6 or later versions. So it is available most of the websites that have posted about YouTube vanced.

There are two methods for installing YouTube vanced app on Android. The first one is installing YouTube vanced using the Vanced manager app. The second method is installing YouTube vanced manually.

But the easiest method is installing YouTube vanced using the Vanced manager app.

Introduction to YouTube Vanced manager app

Vanced manager is also a free Android app that is used to install YouTube vanced apps on Android devices. This app avoids the complications when users are facing while using the manual installation to install YouTube vanced on Android devices.

Advantages of Vanced manager app

  • The main advantage of the Vanced manager app is, it helps to install YouTube vanced app instantly using just a few clicks. On the other hand, the Vanced manager app has a user-friendly interface that allows to use it fast and accurately even for users who do not have much technical knowledge.
  • Vanced manager automatically updates its files from time to time to give updated service for YouTube Vanced app. This app requires less storage amount as the files and folders have a small weight compared to other alternative apps.
  • The Vanced manager apk is free to download to any Android device that runs Android 6 or later. Also, this app can install within a simple installation process that is guided by the app itself.

Do you know how to install the Vanced manager apk?

No special actions that you have to do when installing the Vanced manager apk on your device. You need to use the same process that you are using to install an apk file on an Android device.

So first you need to download Vanced manager apk to your Android device. You can download Vanced manager app from the internet as it is available for free to download. Just Google Vanced manager apk and select a secure website to get the Vanced manager apk.

When you complete the downloading process, just click on the apk file to start the installation. Then just follow the instructions given by the app itself. When the installation is completed, you will notify and an icon will appear on your home screen.

How to install YouTube Vanced apk using the Vanced manager?

When you open the Vanced manager app, you will see two buttons named MicroG and YouTube vanced. MicroG is an alternative for Google Play Services. Google play services do not support the YouTube vanced app as this app is a mod application for YouTube. So that we have to use and alternative methods for getting the support for YouTube vanced app.

That’s where the MicroG app came into action as the MicroG is the best alternative for Google Play services. So we need to install the MicroG app first. To do that you can open the Vanced manager app and click the MicroG button on the home screen. Then it will start to install the MicroG app and when the installation process is completed, the app will notify it.

Then you can start to install the YouTube vanced app using the same methods that we used when installing the Vanced manager app. Just click YouTube vanced button on the vanced manager home screen. Then it will automatically install the YouTube vanced apk on your device, you will notice when it’s done.

Then you can use the YouTube vanced app for watching videos on YouTube with premium features for free. All you need to do is to learn about available features on YouTube vanced to get a better video watching experience.

YouTube vanced app features

  1. YouTube vanced blocks all kinds of ads on YouTube in order to give an ad-free video watching experience. Even users are allowed to customize the ad types that need to show on videos while watching videos on YouTube.
  2. When you toggle the auto-repeat option on YouTube vanced apk settings, the app will repeat videos as much as you need.
  3. The YouTube vanced apk provides themes for the YouTube app including the dark theme. Especially the dark theme helps to save the battery of the devices and reduce the eye strain of the users.
  4. YouTube vanced allows users to play videos or music in the background while they are working on another app. As an example, you can listen to music on YouTube while you are using the Instagram app using the same device.
  5. PIP or Picture in Picture mode is also available on YouTube vanced apk to watch videos on minimized small screen. This feature also helps users to watch videos while using another app.

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